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Date: 18-11-2019

Wipro NLTH Off Campus Interview Experience

  • Name - Abhishek
  • College - SSIT college
  • Date of Interview - 22nd sept
  • Branch - CSE

Written Test -

The first test was an online test. The test was not that tough ,it was divided into several parts. There were questions related to aptitude, english and logical reasoning. Other than this there were two sections one of essay writing and the other was coding section, there were two questions in the coding section and we have to solve both the questions, they were of problem solving type, you can try for practicing such questions, they have a good number of questions for practice purpose

Interview -

There were two interviews one technical other was HR.

Technical interview was on the phone the questions were:

  1. -Tell me something about yourself.
  2. -Explain your projects all of them.(He was interested one of my project which was based on Internet of things and started asking question about it)
  3. -what is internet of things?
  4. -what is cloud computing?
  5. -which is your language of choice?(I told him it was java and this was one of my strengths because they want Java coders)
  6. -what is the one basic difference between java and all the other languages?(told him that java was platform independent)
  7. -what do you mean by platform independent?(told him about JVM)
  8. -what is JVM?

And the HR round was like-

  • -Tell me about your self.
  • -what do know about wipro?
  • are you a team player?(well everybody is)
  • -what is your greatest strength?Explain with your real life example.
  • -what is your weakness?Explain with your real example?
  • -how will you work under pressure when you have a lot of dependencies?
  • -who is your greatest motivation?(told him that it was my dad)
  • -why do you want to join wipro?(told him that because it is an indian multinational it will give me a sense of pride)

OK. very well, you may go now.In the end I was selected with 14 other students(from 30 odd students).

A couple of things that I will like to add in the end:

-Never write anything in your resume that you do not know or you are not in touch with at the present. In my case for example I knew SQL and C++ but not in good touch with them so I just removed them. Fewer things in resume does not mean you will not be selected.

-Never buckle under pressure and always be polite because people do get kicked out of HR round and it is the worst thing ever.

-And lastly prepare every HR questions beforehand and be prepared for the unexpected ones.

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