TCS Digital On Campus Experience

  • Name - Annu Kumari
  • College - BIT SINDRI
  • Date of Interview - 22 August 2021
  • Branch - Electronics and Communication engineering.

Written Test -

-- Explain written test process here -

The tcs digital had come to our college and the question pattern was same as earlier. It has an online assessment consisting of 3 rounds-

1. Verbal Ability - 15 questions (15 mins) 2 marks each.
2. Quantitative Aptitude - 20 questions (40 mins) 2 marks each.
3. Advanced Coding Round - 2 questions (60 mins) 85 marks each.

The questions were of moderate level .If you are practicing coding regularly then it will be very easy for you to clear the written round.

Interview -

-- Explain written test process here -

The Interview was conducted online through the Microsoft Teams.There were three Interviewers in the interviewing panel: HR,MR and the technical person.
They asked me questions regarding my project and internship experience followed by questions related to branch papers, what do you know about TCS, what course or training I have done, latest digital technologies like Big Data, Cloud computing,AI/ML, Cyber security; relocation and my family background.

I was also asked to show my certificates by presenting my sereen.

Lastly, the results of the selected candidates was conveyed to the college through mail within a week.

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