||TCS DIGITAL Off Campus Experience ||

  • Name -Divakar T
  • College -SSIT , Chennai
  • Date of Interview -28-Dec-2021
  • Branch -Mechanical

Written Test -

I applied for TCS NQT Off Campus Drive on 9th Nov 2021 through a remote proctored assessment 


NQT  Test -  27th Nov 2021 (3 hours)

APTITUDE - 25 Question (Moderate)

VERBAL  - 24 Question (Easy)

REASONING - 30 Question (Easy to Moderate)

Programming logic -10 Questions (Easy level) - More on Application of Data Structures, Pseudo Code, C Aptitude .

Each question had a specified time based on difficulty level ranging from 50 sec to 2 min in these sections


Section 1- (15 min) - Easy Question

Section 2 -(30 min) -Moderate Question

Can't switch between questions and sessions here 

TCS Digital Test for Ninja Toppers - 5th Dec 2021 (1 hour)

Two coding questions

Q1. A Easy famous problem 

Q2. A Moderate Problem

Can switch between questions here 

I was able to solve easy question with all test cases and  another with partial test cases.

Interview -

My interview experience was through MS teams 

TR,MR & HR Round - ( 40 mins approx.) - 21st Dec 2021

Question Were 

Introduce Yourself ?

Which language you are more comfortable with ? - I said java

How many lines minimum lines of code are needed in java?

What are methods ?

Difference between method overloading and method over riding?

What are access different modifiers and name them ?

What are interfaces?

Tell about multi-threading ?

Constructors and Methods - say difference between them?

What do you know about JDBC?

Logic to print a Christmas tree pattern?

Use of final keyword in method?

What is RDBMS? How is it different from DBMS?

What is Normalization?

DDL DML commands ?

Different types joins explain ?

What are views & index?

What are the differences between OLTP and OLAP?

Do you know python?

What is NLP?

Are you aware of pandas?

Why do you want to get into IT and not your core Job ?

What is your USP?

What do you know about TCS as a company?

Tell me Your strengths & weakness?

Which book you have read recently?-As I said it was my hobby.

Do you have any other offers in hand now?


Document verification  - 22nd Dec 2021 

Needed to share all documents via MS Teams 


Verdict : Selected for TCS Digital profile - 5th Jan 2022

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