Deloitte Off Campus Interview Experience

  • Name - Divyesh Murti Iyyer
  • College - Sona College of Technology, Salem
  • Date of Interview - 19th August 2019
  • Branch - Computer Science

I had applied for AMCAT Test for Deloitte. I had prior knowledge of the selection process cause one of my friend had got placed through an on-campus drive conducted in her college, but still, I wanted to have an exact idea of the selection process so I went to PrepInsta to get a wholesome idea of the exam pattern.  I prepared for the interview through previous year papers available on PrepInsta.

Written Test -

More than 700 students were enrolled for the written paper. The AMCAT paper had three sections, Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Analysis. The sections were as follows,

Number of Questions

Sectional cut off

Time Allotted

Difficulty Level

Quantitative Analysis



35 minutes


Logical Reasoning



35 minutes





25 minutes


 The results of the AMCAT paper were announced, and only 543 students qualified for the next round.

Deloitte Versant Test

Deloitte Versant Test was a telephonic round in which an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) tested the language fluency skills of the candidate. The sectional cut off for this round was 75 percentile. There were five sections in this round.

Section A - In this section, a three-minute audio clip was played. I had to listen to the clip carefully, and after the clip was over, the IVR asked some questions related to the audio clip.

Section B – Here, IVR recited some fill in the blanks. I had to listen to the sentence with the blanks and then answer appropriately without any grammatical mistakes.

Section C - Here, I had to read a paragraph fluently, in my normal English accent for 1 min 30 seconds.

Section D – In this, I had to introduce myself, with no grammatical mistakes or any error in the sentence formation.

Section E – The IVR gave me a topic on which I had to speak for almost a minute. My topic was Effects of Global Warming.

The call was disconnected automatically, and the score for the test was sent on my registered email ids.  

Group Discussion

This round was held in the college auditorium. We were divided into groups of 6-7, and each group was given a particular topic on which they had to prepare a 10 minutes presentation. Every member had to speak on one aspect of topic. The topic given to my group was, ‘Save the Girl Child.’ I talked about the female foeticide and how it is affecting the ratio of boys and girls in the country. After the GD only 90 studens were selected and ortunately I was one of them.

Interview -

I had to report at the Deloitte Mumbai campus on 19th August 2019. The interviews began at 9:00 am. I was very confident and was well prepared for my interview. I went into the HR cabin and greeted the interviewer. He asked me to take a seat and asked for my resume. The interviewer seemed very polite, which boosted up my confidence. He went through my resume and asked me to introduce myself. And then my Techinal Interview started

He asked basic questions related to Computer Networking Concepts and Cyber Security which was a prerequisite for this profile. Some of the questions from networking were: IPv6 vs IPv4 addressing, Sub-netting, OSI/TCP model difference etc. Some of the questions are listed below : -

  • What is inheritance? What are the different types of inheritance?
  • What are any two the differences between C++ and Java?
  • How modularity is present in C++?
  • How abstraction and encapsulation complementary?
  • What is a linked list?
  • Differentiate between Arrays and Linked List.

After my Technical Interview my HR Interview started. The HR Panel was very kind and made feel comfortable after my technical interview though it went very well. In my HR interview the panel asked me some of the questions related to me which included :-

  • Do you have any hobbies?
  • You have specified reading, so what type of novels do you like?
  • Give a brief about your final year project.
  • Are you comfortable working in group projects?
  • Any plans to do masters?
  • Are you okay with relocation?
  • Why have you applied at Deloitte?
  • Tell us about the company and its positioning as compared to its competitors?
  • What makes you stand out against all the other candidates?
  • Do you have any question for us?

I answered all the questions quite confidently and was waiting for a positive reply from the other end as well. So after two weeks I received a confirmation email from Deloitte US that I have been selected. The joining letter was attached with the email. That was the happiest day of my life.

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