Atos Global IT Solutions On Campus

  • Name -Nitesh Pandit
  • College -Sandip Institute of Technology and Research Centre
  • Date of Interview -9/10/2021
  • Branch -

Written Test -

Round 1 :-  Aptitude + Technical MCQ

          Aptitude :- 20 Question 

          Technical:- 40 Question 

          Time:-          60 Minutes

Round 2:- (Psychometric  Test)

    60 Questions  :- 30 min

Note :- Psychometric test is not an elimination round

Interview -

(TR+ HR)  Round  

Duration 15-20 min (approx)

Questions asked:

Tell me about yourself?

What is OSI model?

Difference between osi and tcp/ip model?

Why do you want to join Atos?

Any certifications you have done??

Communication check :-They ask  me to speak on particular topic for ten minutes

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