Accenture Interview Experience -

On Campus

  • Name - Rakshit Purohit
  • College - Jaipur Engineering College and Research Centre
  • Date of Interview - 21 Sept 2021
  • Branch - Electrical Engineering

Written Test -

Round 1 - Cognitive and Technical Test 

This round was an online aptitude round conducted via CoCubes. The test consists of 90 questions which were to be solved in 90 minutes, it doesn't have separate sections for questions and we can navigate to any question of our choice.

The test contains questions of

  • Verbal Ability
  • Logical Reasoning 
  • Aptitude
  • Pseudo Code and Programming fundamentals

The difficulty level of this round was average and one can qualify if he/she has clear concepts. When you clear the above test, you will be eligible for the coding round. 

Round 2 - Coding Test

This round consists of 2 coding questions which we have to solve in 45 minutes. Out of 2 questions, one ques. is of moderate difficulty and the other question will be of bit more difficulty than the previous one. After this you need to give communication assessment.

Round 3 - Communication Assessment

This round is mainly for judging your vocabulary, fluency, pronunciation and communication skills. Its also conducted online and your answers will be recorded and analyzed. Then comes the interview which is the final stage. 

Interview - 

So after 2 days of giving my communication assessment, on 21 Sept I appeared for my interview. It was scheduled online on their website. Accenture conducts a combined HR and technical interview. It was a solo interview, only me and interviewer were there in the meeting. After verifying my identity interview started, the average interview time for Accenture is 20 mins, my interview went for around 25-30 mins.

Interview contains basic HR questions and few technical questions(Accenture generally doesn't ask technical questions but sometimes they does like in my case)

HR questions - 

  • My Introduction 
  • Family Background
  • Experience of being a group leader (As I mentioned I'm coordinator of a group in my College)
  • Skills and Projects 
  • Favorite subject and why?
  • Tell something about Accenture & why want to join Accenture?
  • And few other common ques

Technical Questions - 

  • Explain about technologies used in project (may point to a particular feature and ask in detail about it)
  • Difference between Call by Reference and call by value.
  • What is data structure?

At last he asked if  I have any questions and then my interview was over.

Tip- Prepare well about the projects you have made (solo projects, group projects/final year projects) and don't bluff about the projects, they ask inside out related to it.

Be calm and confident in the Interview. All the Best! 


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