any one coding help me 


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wipro me hindi laguage me question  rahta hai

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Hi prepinsta,

How i need to know about wipro company oncampus interview for freashers.Could you instruct me when the interviews are going on.Just Suggest me how i am register The oncampus.


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Company name On Campus/ Off Campus/ Referral Experience

  • Name -Hariharan C
  • College -karpagam academy of higher education
  • Date of Interview -16/nov/2021
  • Branch -computer science

Written Test -

Written test contains 3 round

 - Quantitative ability

- Reasoning ability

- Verbal ability

it was conducted online.   it is just like all aptitude exams noting more.

Interview -

I have cleared the aptitude round and I receive an interview mail from Wipro.

the interview is also conducted online and it was just 15mins interview.

the interviewer just asked me to introduce myself and my preferred language 

I said java.

then he asked simple basic questions in java and oops concept I answered all the questions.

that's it the interview went just 15mins


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help me wipro

Wipro - Campus Mass Recruitment Drive - 2022

Name - Tanushree Sharma

University - Jaypee University, Anoopshahr

Date of Interview - 25-09-2022

Branch - Computer Science & Engineering

  1. Written Round: This round was based on Aptitude, Verbal, logical reasoning, essay writing and 2 coding questions(easy).
  2. Business Discussion (Technical+HR)            

This is basically an Interview round which is to know about the technical skills of the candidate. 

Technical Interview Questions

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • OOPs concepts with implementation.
  • Database Management System(normalization, ACID properties, keys).
  • SQL (joins, basic queries)
  • Difference between list and tuple. can we convert a list to a tuple.
  • Difference between list and array.
  • Implementation of factorial, fibonacci series, prime number.

HR Interview Questions

  • Asked for Relocation, bond, backlog and night shift
  • Any questions.
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