Company name On Campus/ Off Campus/ Referral Experience

  • Name. Nag 
  • College . Prakasam engineering college 
  • Date of Interview -20/09/2022
  • Branch - cse

Written Test -no

-- Explain written test process here -

Interview -yes

-- Explain written test process here - yes


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  • Name - Anjali 
  • College -swami Vivekananda Subharti University
  • Date of Interview -05-11-22
  • Branch - Cse
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TCS Ninja Interview Experience

  • Name - VARSHA K
  • College - Sahyadri college of Engineering and Management
  • Date of Interview - 22nd October 2021
  • Branch - Computer Science

Written Test -

 TCS NQT test has 5 sections:

  • Quantitative : 26 questions
  • Verbal ability : 24 questions
  • Reasoning ability : 30 questions
  • Programming MCQ : 10 questions
  • Coding : 2 questions

  I had written TCS NQT test on 15 September 2021 and got selection      mail for interview process on 29 September.

Interview -

There were 2 interviews conducted Technical and HR interview.

Technical Interview:

My technical interview was conducted on 22nd October.

  1. First the interviewer asked me to introduce myself.
  2. He asked me to explain my projects
  3. what technologies did I used in my projects.
  4. Which programming language I am comfortable with?
  5. What is the difference between C language and Python
  6. What is the difference between C language and C++
  7. what is HTML?
  8. What is my role in the project?
  9. Why TCS?

HR interview:

After 3 days my HR interview was conducted.

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what were the coding questions?

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2 Years 8 Months ago

Date: 20-01-2020

TCS Ninja Off Campus Interview Experience

  • Name - Aman Kumar Varshney
  • College - Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology
  • Date of Interview - 28th November
  • Branch - ECE

Our college provide the google form for TCS and few days later I got a mail from TCS regarding the Online Test Date and location.

The date was close and I didnt had enough time to prepare for the written test so I purchased PrepInsta's Online class about which I came to know from my seniors and to my surprise they provide a really genuine material for study.

Written Test -

The written round is comprise of 4 section as follows:

  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Verbal Ability
  • Programming Concepts
  • Coding

Quantitative Analysis:

In Quants section there were total 20 Question among which:

  • 5 question were written question
  • 15 question were MCQ's

Verbal Ability:

In verbal section there were 10 questions and all of them were MCQ's

Programming Concept:

In Programming Concept there were 10 Questions among which:

  • 3 question were written question
  • 7 question were
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