how to get lti previous placement papers

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Name -Harshitha



Test which was conducted in mettl platform. There are 5 sections- aptitude, psycometric, verbal, technical mcqs and essay writing.

I did well in the exam and got shortlisted for 2 round for technical interview.


First the interviewer asked to introduce myself.

As i mentioned c,sql in resume he started asking about that.

1.what is dangling pointer.

2.pointer on pointer.

3.cross join

4.update command

5.Even i didnt mention about html, he asked some question on html i tried to answer that. to copy the data from one table to another.

Luckily i got shortlisted then hr round.

1.Introduce urself.

2.About essay writing topic which i have written in the exam and told me to summarize it.

3.Y LTI.

4 If u have given to choose between project manager and team leader what would u choose.

thats it.

I suggest u just be confidence and dont manipulate.

All the best. 


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