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2 Years 9 Months ago

Date: 10-12-2019

TCS-iON-CCQT Interview-Experience

  • Name - Sumit 
  • College - TMU University, Moradabad.
  • Date of Interview - 8th January
  • Branch: ME

Written Test

This stage comprises two parts, the first of which is mandatory and the second one, is Core Subject that is also Mandatory.

The first part was a Multi-Sectional proctored test on

a. Quantitative Aptitude, with 30 Questions

b. Reasoning Ability, with 30 Questions

c. English Language, with 30 Questions, and

d. Core Subject, with 30 Questions.

This Stage-1 of CCQT is conducted at TCS iON Assessment centers spread across Multiple Cities in the Country.

I gave the full credit to PrepInsta because I was weak in Aptitude Section and you know the main task is to crack the 1st round and I was able to crack it through PrepInsta Online Course.

If i can crack, then any one can crack the exam smartly through PrepInsta in a very short span of time as their online courses are really too good and so much helpful and their courses include everything you need.

After Few

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