ON CAMPUS

  • College -GITAMS
  • Branch -CSE

Written Test -

Round 1:

There were 2 coding questions 28 mcq.
Ques1:  find inversion count
Ques2: (LCS)
MCQs were related to coding only.
The platform for this round was ‘mettl’. Don’t go for recursive codes on this platform.

Round 2:

There were 2 coding questions in this round.

Ques1: Two numbers ‘a’ and ‘b’ are given. Find the count of numbers which are divisible by both ‘a’ and ‘b’ and are less than 10^16.


Ques2: People of Tribe A are living in a particular region. Then tribe B people shifted to the same region as of tribe A. People of tribe B doesn’t like to see tribe A people. A person from tribe B wants to travel from the train which covers ‘n’ stations. You have been provided with an array of size ‘n’ in which each element represent the number of tribe A people who board the train at that

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