Date Format - python questions how to slove this problem

1.Given seconds as input, write a program to print in D days H hours M minutes S seconds.


The input will be a single line containing an integer.


Output: 3 minutes 20 seconds

The output should be a single line containing the D Days H Hours M Minutes S Seconds format, Print only the non-zero values.

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2 Years 9 Months ago

Date: 19-12-2019

what is a/an/the?

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@Prakhil article

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2 Years 11 Months ago

Date: 03-10-2019

i had completed my m,tech in 2016 and for some reason i wasn't able to do any job. now i am trying for and applied in elitmus. please tell me that whether i can get or where to apply for job in kolkata.

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2 Years 12 Months ago

Date: 28-09-2019

Hi Prepsters,

One Plus is hiring in India in partnership with PrepInsta for android development position.

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DXC OFF Campus for 2020

Great news, HSBC is hiring for 2020 Batch the link to apply is -

Also, Google and Capgemini will soon be hiring in and also, many other companies will also be hiring in partnership with PrepInsta.

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