1Company name On Campus/ Off Campus/ Referral Experience

  • Name - chellaboyina Hemanth Kali Kumar
  • Date of Interview - 26/10/21
  • Branch - EEE

Written Test -

-- Explain written test process here -

Section 1: Logical Ability, Quantitative Ability, Verbal Ability.

Section 2: online programming test of 2 coding questions.

Section 3: written communication test (essay writing)

Interview -

-- Explain written test process here -

Interview Experiences : First the interviewer made me comfortable by asking questions  like Hi, How are you? , the interviewer introduces himself and then began with the interview 

  1. Introduce myself .
  2. Explain detail about my project.
  3. Ask me about comfortable language?(c,python i said)
  4. asked me like rating in python(7/10 i said)
  5. explain about pandas
  6. python data structures
  7. present technologies
  8. Are you ok with bond
  9. any backlogs
  10. Are you ok with relocation
  11. So this was my interview experienced  . BEST OF LUCK those who are preparing for wipro .


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