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on your capgemini digital challenge video , mr. manish has done wrong calculations, these video should be error free and you people should check them twice before uploading, how can you people be irresponsible, students are paying you their parents hard earned money, instead of advertising so much, look upon the quality of your videos

Cuelogic Technologies On Campus

  • Name - Aniket Das
  • College - Narula Institute of Technology
  • Date of Interview - 24/02/2021
  • Branch - CSE

Written Test -

Platform - iMocha

Total 4 sections - OOPs, Aptitude, SQL Query, Coding

  • OOPs -> Basic oops concept on C++/Java. No language-specific questions, only general oops concept. Total of 5 questions. Try to solve at least 4 correctly
  • Aptitude -> Basic numerical questions. Total of 5 questions. Try to solve at least 4 correctly
  • SQL Query -> Easy-medium level questions. Focus more on joins, group by, order by, Limit. Total of 2 questions. Try to solve 1.5 - 2 correctly.
  • Coding -> Medium-hard difficulty level questions. Langauge allowed - C, C++, Java, Python3. Total of 2 questions. Try to solve 1.5 - 2 correctly

After the written test result there is another round over phone call (Communication Round). Generally about yourself, your hobbies, projects, college subjects, marks are asked.

Interview -

Technical interview - After the result of the

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Cognizant On Campus

  • Name - Aniket Das
  • College - Narula Institute of Technology
  • Date of Interview - 27/12/2020
  • Branch - CSE

Written Test -

Test Platform - AMCAT 

The first section was Easy-medium level aptitude and logical reasoning questions. And second sectoion was Code debugging / automata. Out of 7 automata, I solved 5 questions and was selected for GenC Next. 

GenC Next (AMCAT Platform) - In the first section, 2 normal coding questions were there. I solved 1.5 questions in this section. In the second section. 2 hard coding questions (DSA based). I was unable to manage any questions in this section.

So, after the result, I was moved to the GenC interview round.

Interview -

Technical and HR both happened on the same day and time. 

At first asked about myself. Then he asked me questions on C, C++, basic ML.

  1. C vs C++
  2. Pointers
  3. Static vs Dynamic memory allocation
  4. Call by value vs Call by reference
  5. Calloc vs Malloc
  6. Sprintf()
  7. Constructor in C++
  8. Supervised vs Unsupervised ML

Then asked HR questions -

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I took the royal pass plan. but I can't find any course regarding infytq course

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I had given my Tr and Mr round on 23rd march(based on 10th march NQT)but didn't receive any mail for HR till now? Is that means I am rejected? During interview they told me that "You can expect result in next week" Is there any chance that I can get positive response mail?

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yes, you were not selected if you didn't get any mail yet.