email Writing Problem 38

Solution – 2

Dear Client,
At first ,we are very pleased to hear from you .
Our main initiative is to help people for a clean & a healthy environment .
As the part,we Launched vaccum cleaner “EEGA” project to hit the market. Recently this innovative idea expelled from student idea.
our product has a huge market share with exellent after sales services are provide .
we will arrange demo promotions where we will provide discount on bulk orders for our customers .
Thanks & Regards,
Service Head.

Solution – 3

Dear Client,

This is the reference of your request regarding the product.Recently we launched vacuum cleaner “EEGA”. It’s a very good product which works more efficiency not only vacuum cleaner there are many other products manufactured by our’s company. The products of our company spreads to the public in the innovative way that which results in huge market share and the response from the public is excellent after sale services. We give an unexpected discount on bulk orders from our company. If you want any other details regarding the products we can arrange demo of the product whenever you are requested..