eLitmus Cryptarithmetic Problems and Questions

eLitmus Cryptarithmetic Problems with solutions

eLitmus Cryptarithmetic Questions are very very hard and Cryptarithmetic Questions for elitmus will take about 10 mins to solve one question. But, if you solve even one Cryptarithmetic Multiplication Problems with Solutions PDF you can increase your percentile by solving one question by as much as 40%.

cryptarithmetic questions for elitmus


eLitmus Cryptarithmetic Questions are very hard and time consuming. If you don’t know to solve those while giving exam don’t waste your time you will not be able to solve how to solve Cryptarithmetic Multiplication Problems for eLimtus. eLitmus Cryptarithmetic Problems with solutions can be found out here

Also, before going through this page more, you must also visit our eLitmus Syllabus page here.


What types of Questions are asked-

  • eLitmus Cryptarithmetic Multiplication Problems
  • eLitmus Cryptarithmetic Addition Problems

You can refer the following for practicing-

Paid Section (Expect upto 50% eLitmus Cryptarithmetic Questions from here)

Free Sections – Expect upto 30% from these

Cryptarithmetic Problems for eLitmus

  • Total Number of Question – 1×3(1 Ques divided into 3 sub-ques)
  • Total Time consumed – 10 Mins
  • Percentile Increase if All Question Correct – 30-40%
  • Difficulty Level – High

These are highly important as most students(90%) are not able to answer questions based on Cryptarithmetic.Thus solving 3 questions gives you an edge of at least 30-40+ increase in percentile since in eLitmus 90%+ percentile is achievable by solving only 6-7 questions in Reasoning section.

What are the Rules for solving Cryptarithmetic problems in eLitmus?

If you want to know the rules for eLitmus Cryptarithmetic Questions you must refer these two articles.

How many cryptarithmetic problems in elitmus are asked?

Generally around 1 question which is subdivided into 3 questions will be asked.

Types for Cryptarithmetic Problems in eLitmusProbability of being asked in eLitmusLevel of Difficulty%age of students able to correctly solve all 3 problems in eLitmusMarks
Cryptarithmetic Multiplication95%High10%30 marks
Cryptarithmetic Addition5%Low55%10 marks
Cryptarithmetic Substraction0Very HighNot Valid as not asked in eLitmusNA
Cryptarithmetic Division0LowNot Valid as not asked in eLitmusNA

How much time will it take if I want to solve all three questions and I know all Cryptarithmetic Rules?

The solution will take about 10-15 minutes depending upon the difficulty of the Cryptarithmetic Addition or Multiplication Problem.

Cryptarithmetic Multiplication Problems with Solutions PDF FAQ’s

Ques. What is the difficulty level of eLitmus Cryptarithmetic Problems with Solutions?

Ans. These are the most difficult section in eLitmus section and need a lot of practice to solve but surely if you’re able to solve these questions correctly they can increase your elitmus percentile by as much as 40%ile in Logical Reasoning Sections for elitmus cryptarithmetic questions.

Ques. How much time will it take for us to solve Cryptarithmetic Multiplication Problems with Solutions PDF the 3 questions in the exam?

Ans. To solve Cryptarithmetic Multiplication Problems with Solutions PDF 3 questions it would take around 12 – 15 mins for you to solve the same.

Here are some Cryparithmetic Video Tutorials that you might like but we highly suggest visiting How to Solve Cryptarithmetic Problems first.

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