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PrepInsta Elite Batch

PrepInsta Elite Batch

Elite 1

What is PrepInsta Elite

PrepInsta Elite has two batches: Elite Dream and Elite, who will be trained for 3 months for complete placement Preparation.

  • Get Trained from the basics to the advanced topics.
  • Training for all kind of Placement Drives.
  • More than 200+ hours of Live Online Classes.

Where are past elite students working?

Cognizant PrepInsta
Companies Hiring Via AMCAT
facebook prepinsta
Schneider_Electric PrepInsta
Bosch PrepInstsa
Big Basket PrepInsta

and 100 more companies


Live Commando Training

We train these students rigorously for 3 months. This training is inspired from Army Commando training where more than 200+ hours of training will be given to you.

Dozens of assingments and mocks completion will be expected of you.

Only join if you’re serious about learning and getting placed, we will be rejecting 75% of students applying.

Elite 4

Company Specific Training

Company-specific training will be given for exams like – Off Campus notifications of TCS, Infosys, AMCAT, CoCubes, eLitmus and others.

Advanced courses like – C, C++, Coding, Data Structures, Operating System, DBMS, Machine Learning, Data Science, will be taught to you.

Elite 9

Selected Students Only

This is not for everyone!!! These are the following two conditions –

  • First: You should be ready to attend military-style rigorous training, assignments, deadlines etc.
  • Second: You will only be selected after interview session with PrepInsta mentor. Only top 300 students will be selected.
Elite 10


Along with this, you get all PrepInsta’s company-specific online classes. Machine Learning, Data Science Courses. While we don’t promise a job, 93% of our last batch students got placed the median salary was 5.4 LPA

Course Plan

Its complete Placement Course covering everything

Course Plan
Week 1 - Week 2
Basics of Aptitude
C and Coding
Week 3 - Week 4
Logical Reasoning
C++ & OOPs
Week 5 - Week 6
Verbal English
Data Strucutures
Week 7 - Week 8
Interview Preparation
Web Development, SQL, DBMS,
Company Specific
Week 8 - Week 9
TCS Weekend
Data Science Weekend
Week 10 - 12
CTS, Wipro, Deloitte
Product Based Weekend
Week 12 onwards
Infosys, AMCAT, Elitmus
Interview Prep
Course Completed
Interview Prep
Interview Prep

PrepInsta Elite

Elite is our Flagship Program for students to Prepare for Placements

What all will I get?

List of things you will get with Elite

200+ hours of Placement Training
Assignment and Mentor Support
TCS Course
Infosys Course
CTS, Wipro, Deloitte Course
Product Based Company Courses
AMCAT, CoCubes, eLitmus Course
Interview Prep + Resume Building
Mock Interviews
Elite 1

Apply for PrepInsta Elite Batch

  • To select you for the PrepInsta Elite batch you will need to go through a short 5 mins. Interview-Cum-Mentoring session with us, which will help us assess your potential and skills.
  • Our team will first send an SMS/E-Mail prior to the Interview Call, to let you know that your Interview session will be scheduled for the following day.
  • The Course is free, however, there is an Onboarding Registration Fee for this Elite Batch.

Fill form below – 

Fill form for PrepInsta Elite -

* indicates required

After filling the form

  • To select you for the PrepInsta Elite batch you will need to take a short 5 mins interview with us, which will help us assess your communication skills
  • Our team will call you up, and will send an SMS/email on the day of the short interview
  • The Course is free, however, there is an onboarding registration fee for Elite Batch.


Is the course Free?

Yes and No. We charge initial fee of Rs.5000 (Which is refundable partially). This is done to make sure that only serious learners join the course as you will have to give ~ around 20 – 24 hours every week to the course to complete lectures and assignments.

However, if you don’t like the course we can refund you the money.

Why does PrepInsta charge money?

We need to pay salaries of teachers, mentors, teaching assistants and HR’s that are working day and night hard for next 3 months to get you placed.

What will be asked in interview cum mentoring session of PrepInsta Elite?

It will be a short interview call where we will judge your communication skills as it will be really hard to teach communication in 3 months. We will rate you out of a score of 10 based on which we will selected you or not for PrepInsta ELite

Other things like aptitude, coding, advance coding and technologies we will teach you ourselves during this period.

What if I miss interview call from PrepInsta eLite Team and when will I receive a call from your end?

You will receive it in the next one week ideally. Our system will send you an automated SMS on the day you will receive the call. If you miss it, you can either call us back on the same number from which you received the call or you can email us on [email protected] and we will help you.

I am in college and I have classes what should I do?

We recommend you to spend 10 – 16 hours a week for the course. You can try to give more time on weekends and a 1 – 2 time on weekdays.

If you get exam in between you can take a break of 14 days if you like. However, this will also push your referral dates to companies to 14 more days.

Trust us we will help you to get your dream job that you deserve. Have faith in us, as long as you believe and put in hard work, we assure you we’ll do everything to get you to your dream job.

13 comments on “PrepInsta Elite Batch”

    • PrepInsta

      These are the key feature that we have not provide in the Elite Program:
      1. No Early Access to Online Course
      2. No Mock Interview
      3. No referrals
      4. No Job Guarantee
      5. No mentorship

    • PrepInsta

      There is no restrictions for the particular year. Everyone can apply for it.
      This Program Welcomes each and every Candidate to make there future bright.

    • PrepInsta

      That is really nice Ashwini, our team will call you up soon, as over 50,000 people have applied. Our team is working hard to take all interviews in the coming weeks.

      We will be selecting 300 students each for Elite(Dreamers) and Elite batches

  • harry john

    Hi i like to be a part in Elite batch i have filled the form in yesterday 6th april but didn’t get any mail regarding that

    • PrepInsta

      Hi Harry,
      Our team will reach out to you soon via a call to take your interview for the elite batch selection.

    • PrepInsta

      We select students in Dreamers or non dreamers elite batch based on interview call with you.

      For dreamers we focus more on competitive programming and the course is free for them.

  • heris desai

    I need this Course because I am not able to purchase this course in this time of period. If I get chance I will give my 100 % for sure.

    Thank you