Digitization and its benefits Essay Writing

Digitization has made human life much easier. What exactly this digitization is….??. Let us take a simple example of paying your monthly light bill. Before digitization took over, we used to stand in a long row for hours to pay the bill. But when digitization took over, you can simply pay your bills by sitting in your home online. You no longer need to stand in the row and waste your time. Another example, let’s say you want to see a movie in the theatre, and its a blockbuster. So, obviously, there will be a huge crowd over there and if you get late, you won’t get the ticket and your plan will be cancelled. But now, you can reserve your ticket before going to the theatre. You can book it online by using the applications like “Book my show”.

So, digitization is beneficial in terms of saving your time, efforts and fuel which means it saves your money. Nowadays there are certain mobile applications that can be linked to your household electrical appliances and even if you forget something to turn off while leaving your home, you can do that without coming back to home. This saves your money, time and overhead of coming to the home, turning the appliances of and then leaving These are just a few examples, digitization has impacted almost all the aspects of human life in a positive way. Digitization has made human life faster, easier and efficient.

It is one of the biggest and most important revolutions of human life. In not just the IT field, there are almost all the fields digitization has impacted as a source f getting the work done quickly and efficiently with least need of human interaction. That is all.

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  • Navkant

    Digitization has made human life very much easy. Digitization saves our time and money. It made us very efficient. Today in the development world digitization, make our life very interesting and easy. Digitization made our problem very easy. With the help of digitization, we can save our money and time. With the help of digitization we are spending very easy life. Let us know what is exactly digitization?. Digitization is a process which made India digital. In the increasing number of population our need of necessary also increases. We have no more time to do anything. We complete less work in more time. Therefore, we make our country digitization. It saves our fuel, time, money and makes us very efficient.
    Let us to understand the exactly what is digitization we take one example. Suppose that you want to pay your bill. Then you have to take long time. You follow the many rules and stand in the long queue till hours. There are basically we loss the time. But, today help of digitization we completed our work in minutes and saves more time. And with the help of online applications like “Pay-tm” we pay our bill in easiest way. Therefore, we can say that digitization is very useful and interesting for us. Digitization completely made us digital. With the help of digitization we are completing our work on time.
    Let us second example of advantages of digitization. Suppose that we want to watch the movie. Then before the digitization world we stand in the long queue and take ticket then, you can watch movie. After of long process we can watch movie. Suppose that you one day you could not reach on the time and seats are full then you feel very guilty and we lost all happiness for a while. But, with the help of digitization we make it in easy way. With the help of online applications like “Book my show” we can book the ticket on the home and we can enjoy with movie. Basically, there we save lot of time. There we complete our work in less time and easiest way. Digitization, main purpose save the money and, complete our work in easiest way.
    Digitization made our country digital. Today everything is happening on the time due to digitization. This is the advantages of digitization. Today, in the rural area and urban are both has facility of pay-bill 24 hours. There are many online applications by which we can complete our many works on the house. With the help of digitization basically we save our time. Digitization made our life smartly. Digitization made us professional. Digitization made our life easiest. Therefore, there are many advantages of digitization.