Are we too dependent on Computers Essay Writing

People tend to rely more and more on computers than ever. Since the invention of computers till a visionary like Steve Jobs saw computers more than a console and more like a personal and also universal super powerful gadget, no one would ever have thought of this dependency like we are right now. Computers were the next revolution after the great industrial revolution. Now, today when I look around I see computers in various forms almost everywhere. Used every day for everything but it doesn’t mean that we are too dependent on it, or are we?

Computers have made every other old gadget either vintage or obsolete. And these days they are replacing a lot of humans. Many people argue about computers being the reason of a depressed economy, and that is true indeed. But I guess it’s not bad. After a few years of this depressed period there would a golden age, and yes that no fantasy. This has happened in the past during the industrial revolution and I’m pretty much sure it is going to happen again; and again perhaps we’ll witness another revolutionary invention.

These robotic artificial intelligent machines are everywhere and by that I mean everywhere, even where man hasn’t step foot yet, Mars and other planetary bodies. Without the use of computers space exploration wouldn’t have been possible. With its readily availableness and affordability it’s become part of our lifestyle, almost anyone on this planet who gets three meals a day and has a shelter can afford a cell phone, a cheap and small computer, yet very powerful. When we landed on moon, the rockets used a computer of processing power equivalent to today’s cheap cell phone. Computer program power is unimaginable. They are used to create almost everything that you are see around right now. The design of your ceiling fan, pen and notebook. They make our pills, and they also put the paste in our tooth paste pack. Yes we are very much dependent on computers. I’m not skeptical about that one day computers will have the ability to replicate themselves totally on their own, many scientists think so. But that day we would be smarter enough to not let them end us.

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  • Trisha

    One of the most important and helpful invention in recent years is computers.
    Life without computer can not be imagined. Computer is being used in various fields of our day to day life. Air ticket booking , railway ticket booking and many or cases Computer help us . Time is collapsing. Distance is no matter today. Computers have an important role in education, communications, traveling, science. With the help of Computer we can do our work more professionally and efficiently. Dependency of Computer in our life is very high.
    Computer is a electronic device human made this to reduce the time in particular task. Impact of Computer in communication is very helpful for us. We can communicate with our family and friends no matter how far they are from us. Besides we can access anything , anybody through internet. It has a great role in education. Students can learn more efficiently on computer. It helps students to research things and there is no boundaries for learning. We can book our tickets through Computers avoiding chaos. Without Computer space exploration can not be imagined.
    Yes we are dependent on computer but not too much. I think humans are intelligent enough that they won’t misuse technology. Humans made Computer they know how to stop it. They should save others to misuse the computers.