Set 1

Student details

  • Name: Ankush Rathore
  • Branch: IT
  • College: JECRC Jaipur
  • Type of Interview: ON-Campus (without GD )

Student Interview

This year Deloitte visited our campus for the first time for the recruitment drive. As soon as I heard this news, I started my preparations. I surfed several websites to find relevant study material. Finally, I stumbled upon PrepInsta, and fortunately, I saw all the necessary preparation material for the Deloitte placement here. There were three rounds in the selection process.

  1. AMCAT written test
  2. Deloitte Versant test
  3. Face to Face Interview

AMCAT Written Test

The written test had three sections.

  1. Quants: This section had questions on Basic Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Engineering Mathematics covering topics of LCM &HCF, Divisibility, Profit and Loss, Simple & Compound Interest, Logarithms, and Probability. It had 25 questions and time limit of 35 minutes.
  2. Logical Reasoning: It had 25 questions and a time limit of 35 minutes. IT had questions on Coding Deductive Logic, Blood Relation, Data Sufficiency, and Clock Calendar.
  3. Verbal English: It had 25 questions with time limit of 25 minutes. It had three section of Vocabulary, Grammer, and Reading Comprehension.

I gave the test, and after an hour results were declared and fortunately, I cleared the test.

Deloitte Versant Test

The versant test was a telephonic interview round. I was asked to call on a particular number. An IVR responded from the other end. It asked me to note down some details like my Candidate Number, Deloitte Number, and my Password. The test had six sections those were Reading, Listening, Listening Deduction, Grammer, Error Identification, and speaking.

  1. In Reading, I was given a list of 12 sentences, and I had to recite those sentences.
  2. The second section was Listening in which IVR recited ten sentences, and I had to repeat those sentences.
  3. In Listening Deduction a recording was played which was of about two mins 30 sec and than IVR asked me five questions based on the recording.
  4. Grammar section was an MCQ round.
  5. The fifth section was on Error Identification, IVR recited sentences, and I had to identify errors in the same.
  6. In speaking section, IVR gave a topic, and I had to speak on that topic for 45 seconds.

I cleared this round and was shortlisted for the interview round.

Interview Round

I was informed that interview was scheduled for next day. When I entered the room, the interviewer asked me to take the seat and offered me Tea and biscuits. It was like they were looking for my personality and cutlery manners. The interviewer asked me fundamental questions to assess my communication skills. He asked me questions about my hobbies, interest, and extra curriculum activities. He were looking for management skills as at Deloitte employees mainly engage in customer relationship management. He didn’t ask any question on coding, and there were not many technical questions either.

Finally after 25 minutes the interview was over. Later that day I was informed that I was selected for the Deloitte. I received the joining letter a week later.