Dell Synonyms & Antonyms Questions

Question #1

Question Explanation

Active (alert) is an antonym of
somnolent (sleepy; drowsy).

Question #2

Question Explanation

The words asphyxiate (suffocate)
and breathe are antonyms.

Question #3

OUTFIT synonym
Question Explanation

The secondary meaning of the word outfit
is a group of people undertaking a particular
activity together. The word organization also
means the same.

Question #4

Question Explanation

Vituperate meaning blame or insult (someone)
in strong or violent language.Its opposite will be praise.

Question #5

Question Explanation

Convivial means friendly, lively, and enjoyable.

Question #6

Question Explanation

Epitomize meaning be a perfect example of
Exemplify meaning be a typical example of.

Question #7

Innocuous synonym
Question Explanation

Innocuous means completely harmless,
not dangerous

Question #8

 Foment synonym
Question Explanation

Foment means to incite, promote growth of

Question #9

Luminous antonym
Question Explanation

Luminous means radiating or reflecting light, or glowing
Brittle means hard but liable to break easily.
Dim means dark or dull

Question #10

Malodorous antonym
Question Explanation

Malodorous means to have a bad smell
Fragrant means smelling sweet or delicate
Acrid means unpleasantly bitter or pungent.

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