Dell Sentence Arrangement Questions

Question #1

1.1971 war changed the political geography of the subcontinent
2. Despite the significance of the event. There has been no serious
book about the conflict
3. Surrender at Dacca aims to fill this gap
4. It also profoundly altered the geo-strategic situation in
South-East Asia
Question Explanation

We can see that Option 1 is most likely
the starting sentence. Now that we know
that 1 is the starting sentence we can
eliminate choice B and C as they start
with 3 and 2 respectively and not with sentence 1.
This narrows down our possibilities to
option A and option D.

Now we can see in option A 3 follows
sentence 1 but the gap spoken of in sentence 3
has no correlation with political geography of
the subcontinent spoken of in sentence 1 ,
so we can rule out Option A.
Therefore answer has to be option D,
as we can also see it elaborates on the
change mentioned in sentence 1.

Question #2

1). His political career came to an abrupt end with China's 
military operation.
2). He attracted as as repelled.
3). He was responsible for the debacle.
4). A man of paradoxes, Menon remained an enigma.
Question Explanation

A man of paradoxes' is logically continued
by 'repelled ' and 'attracted'. Subsequently,
'the' debacle refers to China's flopped
military operation and hence choice C.

Question #3

1). What came out was very large garland made out of currency notes.
2). The unsuspecting governor opened the box in full view of
the gathering
3). When the RBI governor came to inaugurate the new printing press, t
he local unit of the BJP handed him a gift wrapped box
4). There was a twist – the notes were all as tattered as notes could get
Question Explanation

We can clearly see that sentence 4 is
tending or concluding sentence here.
So it will come at last. Hence only
option B and option C are left as
option A and option D get eliminated.
In option B chronological order is
disrupted as the minister could not
have viewed the garland of currency
notes before opening the box.
Thus option C will be the correct answer.

Question #4

1). Otherwise the Congress would not have opposed PSU disinvestment today.
2). It is clear that there is not consensus on economic reform.
3). Nor would allies of ruling NDA opposes privatisation.
4). All this would stop India from becoming the next superpower.
Question Explanation

Starts with 2 a general statement,
it talks of no consensus. It has to be
followed by 1, as it describes the
non-consensus. 'Nor' of 3 indicates
that it would follow 1. 'All this' of 4
concludes the paragraph.

Question #5

1). arrived here on Sunday by an early morning flight.
2). Dubai-based Win Gautam who is the
3). accused in the Rs 50 crore Before guns kickback case.
4). He is scheduled to appear in the trial court By Wednesday.
Question Explanation

The initiating statement has to be
statement 2 as it refers to the person
being referred. '21' is not the right pair
as it ends abruptly.
Therefore, the logical sequence will be
2314. Thus option B is the correct answer

Question #6

1). the main difference is that efficiency is a ration and effectiveness 
is not.
2). But they reach efficiency in a different way than American businesses.
3). The Japanese are very efficient and such concepts as "just in time"
are a witness to their efficiency.
4). They reach efficiency through the route of effectiveness.
Question Explanation

2 follows 3 which mentions that the
efficiency mentioned in 3 is attained
through a particular mode.
4 describes the efficiency. 1 concludes
by explaining the difference.
So option A is the correct answer.

Question #7

1). Sony has been valued at around Rs 800 crore.
2). IBM is a leading consultancy firm.
3). This valuation has been done by IBM.
4). They have relied on the excess value approach.
Question Explanation

Can start with 2 or 1; but 1 and 2 are
vice versa cannot follow each other.
Thus second option is out. So we start
with option 'A' . Sentence 1 will be
followed 3 as it talks about who did the valuation.

Question #8

1). Mr D Gautam's personality sets him apart the rest.
2). Nothing is too small for his attention
3). He has a fanatical devotion to detail.
4). This is what makes him a different guy.
Question Explanation

Starts with 1 as its starts with proper
noun. Followed by 3 as 'he' refers to
Mr. Gautam.
2 comes after 3 because it explains
the point given in 2.

Question #9

1). Merchants soon grew rich as the demand for products increased.
2). Trade started from person to person but grew to involve
different towns in different lands.
3). Eventually, people got a greater variety of things to choose from.
4). People found work in transporting the goods or selling them.
Question Explanation

Before, trade started to grow internationally;
it must have started in its basic form as selling
of goods from one person to another.
Hence 2 would come before 4.
Obviously when trade grew to involve
different lands then merchants would grow
rich and also people will get a variety of
choices. Therefore, 2413.

Question #10

1). The impetus for change in cargo handling, after years of 
operational inefficiency has come from new private sector f
2). Other ports, both major and minor, have spurred into action.
3). And the government agrees this is having a cascading effect
on the functioning of other ports.
4). In terms of cargo handling efficiency, some of India's
ports have lately undergone a sea change.

Question Explanation

4 has to be starting statement as it introduces the topic.
13 forms a mandatory pair as 'this' of 3 indicates
the 'new private sector ... of 1'.
The correct answer is option B.

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