Dell One Word Substitution Questions

Question #1

 A citizen of the world
Question Explanation

A citizen of the world
Example – frequent travels across the world
and knowledge of many cultures have
earned him the title of and a cosmopolite
among his friends.
Here, in this sentence cosmopolite means
that frequent travellers and the person with
knowledge of many cultures are citizen of the world.

Question #2

One who cannot be corrected
Question Explanation

One who cannot be corrected

Example –
Raman is incorrigible and always caught
on the wrong side of the law

Here, incorrigible means that Raman
is a type of person who cannot be corrected.

Question #3

One who speaks less
Question Explanation

one who speaks less
Example – Most of the students were
reticent about telling the truth to the principal
Here, reticent means that no one want
to tell the truth to the principal.

Question #4

 Lacking vigour or effectiveness
Question Explanation

The meanings are as follows:
Placid: not easily upset or excited
Gluttonous: excessively greedy
Gregarious: fond of company; sociable
Flaccid: Lacking excitement

Question #5

 Circular building or hall with a dome
Question Explanation

A round building with a dome is known
as ‘Rotunda’. ‘Edifice’ is a large, imposing
building. A ‘palace’ is the official residence
of a ruler. ‘Spire’ is a tapering conical structure
at the top of a building.

Question #6

Capable of being interpreted in two ways
Question Explanation

Ambiguous’ means to be undecided,
confused and something unclear and
vague. 'Definite', 'Clear' and 'Explicit'
means to be exact and to the point.

Question #7

A very poor person
Question Explanation

The meanings are as follows:
Mercenary: someone who works only
for the sake of money neglecting ethics.
Pessimist: one who doesn’t look at the
positive or brighter side of life or a situation.
Pedant: one who is concerned with very
minor details or makes a vain display of knowledge.
Pauper: one who is poor and doesn’t have any money

Question #8

 Become familiar with someone or something
Question Explanation

The meanings are as follows:
Antagonist: a person who opposes or is
hostile to another person. .
Apprentice: a person who is learning
trade from a skilled employer.
Autocrat: a person who has absolute
power and is indifferent to others’ opinions.
Acquaint: become familiar with someone or something.

Question #9

 A person who is above hundred years
Question Explanation

Centenarian – a person who is above hundred years
Example – fauja singh is one of the fittest
centenarian I have heard above.
Here, it means that fauja singh age is above hundred years.

Question #10

One who loves mankind
Question Explanation

Philanthropist – one who loves mankind
Example – A philanthropist based in America
is running a school named sikhya in Chandigarh
for poor children.
Here, it means that a person who is
lover of mankind is running a school
in Chandigarh for poor children.

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