Dell Fill In The Questions

Question #1

Indian art criticism is arbitrary, emotional and sentimental. —- Many 
people skip out reviews because they do not understand what they read.
(A) Good criticism must evaluate, revitalize and stimulate development.
(B) Unfortunately, most reviews are in the obtuse, incomprehensible
language, which alienates the reader.
(C) India was among the earliest nations to produce critical
treatises on the art.
Question Explanation

Only statements A and B can come in between
the two given sentences, statement C does not
comply with the idea expressed in these sentences.

Question #2

You may wonder how the expert on fossils remain is able to 
trace descent through teeth, which seem ________ pegs upon
which to hang whole ancestries.
Question Explanation

Specious = false and misleading
Novel = marvelous in a new way.

Question #3

Seeing the pictures of our old home made me feel ________ and nostalgic.
Question Explanation

Wistful means sad about something past.
(fastidious = choosy and difficult to please.
Indignant = Angry, Conciliatory =
making compromise or befriending.)

Question #4

 Part of the confusion in our societies _______ from our pursuit 
of efficiency and economic growth, in the __________ that these
are the necessary ingredients of progress
Question Explanation

Emerges means comes out. Confusion cannot
be derived from the situation.
To stem is to stop something, which the
sentence is not pointing to.
Therefore, options (a) and (b) are incorrect.
Option (d) is incorrect as in the second filler
'planning' can't be used.

Question #5

War has been, throughout history, the chief _________ of social cohesion; 
and since science began, it has been the strongest ________ to technical
Question Explanation

In the given space of time i.e. 'throughout history'
there can be only source. Reason and cause or
origin can be a particular event.
Boost, Encouragement and Incentive mean the same.

Question #6

To the embittered ex-philanthropist, all the former recipients of 
his charity were _________ as stingy with their thanks as they
were wasteful of his largesse.
Question Explanation

The embittered benefactor thinks of them as
ingrates (ungrateful persons) because they
do not thank him sufficiently for his generosity.
He does not think of them as misers (hoarders
of wealth): although they are stingy in expressing
tanks, they are extravagant in spending money.
He certainly does not think of them as louts
(clumsy oafs), prigs (self-righteous fussbudgets),
or renegades (traitors): the specific attribute he
resents in them is ingratitude, not cloddishness,
self-satisfaction or perfidy

Question #7

If a junior executive neglects his professional development 
and _______ education, he can easily and quickly become obsolete
in a world changing at _______ rates.
Question Explanation

Only dizzying can be fitted in the second filler,
as one can become obsolete in a world
changing at fast rate.
Dizzying = Make (someone) feel unsteady,
confused, or amazed: "the dizzying rate of change"

Question #8

The ______ terrorist was finally _______ by the police.
Question Explanation

A criminal is notorious.
Crafty = clever or deceitful
Apprehend = to arrest
Nab = to catch
Admonish = to scold mildly.

Question #9

The quality of _________ between individuals and the organization 
for which they work can be _________ to the benefit of both parties.
Question Explanation

Only interaction and improved can be used
in both the fillers. Other options do not
suit the situation.

Question #10

Although he was generally considered an extremely _________ individual, 
his testimony at the trial revealed that he had been very ________.
Question Explanation

In reputation, he was guileless or deceitful
person: in real life he showed himself to have
been hypocritical or deceptive.
Note the use of although to signal the contrast

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