Important Aptitude Topics For Campus Placements

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Most Important Aptitude Topics For Placements

Important Aptitude Topics for Placements are listed on this page. You can start you aptitude preparation for various Service Based and Product Based companies, by going through this page. 

On this page, you will find:-

  • Important Aptitude Topics for Campus Placements – Quants
  • Important Aptitude Topics for Campus Placements – Logical
  • Important Aptitude Topics for Campus Placements – Verbal Ability

Importance of Aptitude Development For Placements

Aptitude is a very important part for campus placements. All Service Based companies and major Product Based companies will ask you questions on Aptitude for placements. It is a common mistake to ignore aptitude or give it less focus in favor of coding. However, this practice is wrong, as performing well in aptitude is an equally important criteria.

Aptitude is broadly categorized into three sections:-

  1. Quantitative Aptitude
  2. Logical Reasoning
  3. Verbal Ability

Below, we will discuss each section in details.

Most Important Aptitude Topics - Quants

Quantitative Aptitude deals with mathematical ability of a candidate. This is often the toughest section of aptitude, and students face difficulty solving these questions. The most important topics in quantitative aptitude include the following:- 

aptitude for campus exam

Speed and Work

important quants topics
important aptitude topics


Probability and Combinations

aptitude preparation for campus placements

Most Important Aptitude Topics - Logical

Logical Reasoning, is another very important subject for Aptitude preparation. The candidate’s ability to think critically and analyze information to draw rational conclusions, is tested in this round. The most important topics asked in Logical Reasoning include:-


important logical topics
verbal reasoning topics


important logical topics


english topics for placements
start placement preparations


Misc (But Important)

Most Important Aptitude Topics - Verbal

Verbal ability is crucial as it tests the candidate’s command over the English language. As most MNCs have a global client-base, candidate, hence they look for candidates with good communication skills. The important topics of Verbal Ability are:-

important verbal topics
important topics for placements


english questions for placements

Synonyms - Antonyms

Reading Comprehension

important english topics for placements

FAQs on "Important Aptitude Topics for Placements"

Question: What are the most important aptitude topics for placements?


The most important aptitude topics for placements are divided into three categories:-

  1. Quantitative Aptitude
  2. Logical Reasoning
  3. Verbal Ability

Question: How do I prepare for aptitude tests for placements?


You can check out this page to start your preparation for aptitude tests.

Question: Is aptitude necessary for placements?


Yes, aptitude is necessary for placements as it is the first round for most companies.

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