Cognizant Previous Year English Questions on Sentence Correction

Question #1

When it was morning they decided to put at an inn.

Question #2

He found the gold coin as he cleans the floor.

Question #3

The police has so far succeeded in recovering only a part of 
the stolen property.

Question #4

He is too important for tolerating any delay.

Question #5

Identify which part of the question has error

A property dealer was /shoot dead by four unidentified jacket 
clad men /while taking a morning walk /in a park.

Question #6

The fact of me/ being a stranger/ does not excuse his conduct.

Question #7

The number of tourists / is expected to rise / from seven to 
ten percent / in the next ten years.

Question #8

Being that my car is getting / its annual check up. / I will not be
/ able to pick you up tomorrow morning.
Question Explanation

Change, Being that my car is getting → As my car is getting.

Question #9

The third season of / the popular television show will ends /
on a grand note with / celebrities dancing and having fun.

Question #10

Rose growers in / the city are waking up / to the benefits / 
of collective action.
Question Explanation

Change, to the benefits → of the benefits.

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