Cognizant Off Campus Drive Interview Experience


  • Name: Krish Naruto
  • College: Jeppiar Engineering College, Tamil Nadu
  • Branch: Computer Science
  • Type of interview: Off-Campus Interview (3.38 LPA)

Student Interview

Cognizant’s off-campus interview begins with an AMCAT written round that is conducted at AMCAT center. So, after completing my engineering degree, I started preparing for the AMCAT written round through PrepInsta and some other competitive exam books. I prepared for three continuous months, after which I appeared for the written round.

  1. AMCAT Written Round

The paper was divided into four sections, i.e., Quants, Verbal, Logical Reasoning, and Programming. The test was of 85 minutes with the average difficulty level.

  • The Quants section was pretty difficult as compared to the other three sections. Some of the questions were exactly the same that I studied on PrepInsta. As a result, I was able to get the required passing percentage for the Quants section.
  • The verbal section was way too time-consuming. There were questions about reading comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar.
  • The Logical Reasoning section was the most interesting one. Major questions were based on Data Sufficiency and Objective reasoning.
  • The programming section majorly had output based questions.

After a week of the paper I got the selection mail, luckily I scored 86% aggregate and qualified for the next round which was the Automata.

  1. AMCAT Automata

In this round, there were two coding questions out of which one was a pattern making, and one was of bubble sort. I gave the paper from home. It was a 60 min test in which the requirements were that the webcam and the microphone should be turned on during the test so that everything is recorded, just in case anyone could cheat. I tried both the codes in which bubble sort was easy as I had already studied it while preparing for the test. Therefore, I was able to execute it, but the pattern making was a bit tricky, so it was executed partially. Since one of my codes was running perfectly; I qualified for the final round.

After ten days I got the mail from Cognizant Visitor Management with the Express check-in code for the main and the final round. It was a Face-to-Face round that was held at the main Chennai premises of the company. I had to log in the Physical Security Application to confirm that I will be present for the interview. The mail comprised of the interview confirmation and the hall ticket with basic essential documents that I had to carry on the day of the interview

1) My all the Marksheets (Original as well as Xerox).



iii) Graduation mark sheet

2) Printout of the Hall Ticket.

3) 3 Passport size photos.

4) 2 copies of my updated resumes.

On the day of the interview we were informed that the Face-to-Face interview would be divided into two separate rounds, first will be the Technical then the HR.

  1. Technical

As I entered the room, the interviewer asked me for my resume. He asked me a total of six questions related to JAVA, out of which I answered four correctly. He asked me to wait outside as there were still four candidates after me.

After almost an hour, we were informed that five students had been selected out of seventeen for the HR round. Luckily, I was one of those five. After ten minutes the HR round began.

  1. HR Round

I was very nervous. There were two candidates before me. Then my turn came. As I entered the cabin, the HR asked me for my resume. He had the results for my technical round in his hand. After going through my resume and analyzing my technical round scorecard, the interview began.

*Why should we hire you?

* What was your role in your final year major project?

* What did you do for last three months?

* Why do you wish to join Cognizant?

* Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

* Are you are comfortable in relocation to any other part of the country?

* What is your salary expectation?

The interview went on like for 20 minutes. After the interview, I was told that they would let me know the result through an email. According to me, the interview went quite well, so I was happy and was expecting a positive response. After a week, I got the confirmation mail with the call letter for the profile of Junior Software Engineer at Cognizant.

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