Cognizant Interview Experience

Cognizant interview experience

Role: Programmer analyst trainee
CTC:3.38LPA initial probation period (12 months) post:4 LPA

Name: Kandhi Trishaank

College: Matrusri Engineering College(Osmania University)
Location: Hyderabad

Round 1(Amact written test)

I have attended  the interview via campus AMCAT which contains three sections  basic quant logical and English and cleared this round and attended the TR round

anyone with minimum knowledge can easily clear this round 

Round 2(Technical Round)

I have a failure experience with TCS, this time I have prepared for thoroughly and fully equipped my resume and project

 My technical interview  mainly revolved around the project of, in view failure experience with TCS I have prepared some codes related to the frontend login page and linking the database

TR first asked to introduce myself
Immediately he jumped to the project and asked  to brief about your project I spoke confidently about my project then he asked to write any code  regarding the project then I wrote codes  that I have prepared already 

The interviewer was satisfied and smiled and said good, now I was completely relaxed
Then ask some questions in my resume

I have mentioned about a coding event Organisation in my college as apart of tech fest I have briefed about it happily I talked about how to manage computer resources and people while conducting an event

Finally asked  what do you expect from me

I smiled  and thought what  I would expect just to get this job in my mind and acted very well and asked him about the training details
The interview went very positively and I was pretty confident that I would go for HR

I have waited for 5 minutes and heard  that I should wait for HR

Round 3(HR round)

The HR round was very formal and she asked basic  questions that were already expected
First asked to introduce myself
Then she asked about short term goals and long term goals I  was already prepared these things and I have acted very smartly
She asked why should we hire you
I just said simply  want to Grab this job that’s it no more questions she asked,

she gave a document and asked to sign which contained detailed about acceptance to any shift, location, etc
She smiled and said, can leave

  • Interview date: March 3, 2019
  • Offer letter date: May 5, 2019

It took a very long time for the result, finally, I was very happy about receiving an offer letter and enjoyed this small success. It was already my 4-2 semester ending and not even a single company visited my college and I could make it because of consistency and smart preparation, learning mistakes from past experiences  🙂

A tip by me regarding how to answer project questions

  • Most of us are  not confident about the project but definitely, questions will come from project and sometimes it may be a deciding factor
  • So even if you are not confident about your project just speak confidently what is the purpose of your project in just two-three lines it gives a positive impact and just prepares 1 or 2 programs Where you can justify them
  • I would suggest you prepare programs for basic login pages of your project and a program to how to link backend and frontend, that’s enough, these two programs will show the interviewer that you’re somewhat  interested and aware  about the project
  • please follow the suggestion and it will 100%  help you to clear TR round 🙂