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Cognizant Interview Experience 2021

Knowing about the Cognizant Interview Experience 2021 is highly recommended before you actually go through the process. Cognizant organizes both on campus and off-campus drives for the engineering students and getting placed in the company is a trick for most. So we highly suggest you to prepare well before you decide to sit for the selection.

The criteria and differences between the two sections in Cognizant through which they hire, i.e.,  GenC and GenC Next is something to be fully aware of. Let’s check out the two parts briefly and then head on with the interview section.

cognizant interview experience
Cognizant Interview      GenC Interview   GenC Next Interview
Round (Cognizant selection process)      Second (Post Round 1 Written Test)     Fourth  (Post Round 2 Coding Test)
  • Low scores in Round 1 (Written Test)
  • Low scores in Round 3 (Coding Test)
  • High scores in Round 1 (written test)
  • Passing score Round 3  (Coding Test)
Type      Technical and HR      Technical and HR
  • 4 LPA(probation period)
  • 4.5 LPA( post-probation period).
       6.75 LPA.
Difficulty       Medium       High

CTS Interview Experience for 2021

Student Interview:

  • Name: Karthik Shennoy
  • Branch: Computer Science
  • College: Hindustan College of Engineering
  • Type of Interview: ON-Campus

I got to know about Cognizant from the TPO of my college. This was my 1st drive and was very tensed. The drive started around the 2nd week of October’20 before Durga Puja.

Previously, they used to start it around September or so. But this year because of Covid it got delayed by a month.

I am sharing the experience I had in the whole process of CTS.

There are 2 rounds (for GenC) and 3(for GenC Next). The 1st round is common for both GenC and GenC next.

Round 1 – ( Online Test, 2 hours, platform – amcat) –

  • Quantitative Aptitude :
    • 24 Questions 
    • 35 minutes
  • Logical Ability :
    • 25 questions
    • 35 minutes
  • Code debugging or automata :
    • 7 questions
    • 20 minutes

For my written test, there were 4 debugging questions and 3 questions for snippet code. I solved all 4 code debugging questions and was selected for the GenC profile.

  • Essay writing :
    • 1 questions
    • 30 minutes

The topic for my essay writing was : What are the pros and cons of technology according to you?

I remember some of the questions that were given in the code debugging round:

  • Question 1: To print –  9 8 7 6  5 4 3 2 1 0
int main()


int x=10;





} while(x>=0)

  • Question 2 : 
int CountDigits(int num)


int count=0;




count ++;



  • Question 3 : 
void arrayReversal(int len, int *arr)


int i,temp,origLength=len;









Round 2: Technical & HR Interview – 

Main Pointers:

  • This year CTS has clubbed these 2 rounds together. Previously, HR interviews were conducted separately.
  • My interview was scheduled around 4 o’clock in the evening and was held on an Amcat based platform.
  • I received mail about the interview prior to 12 hours. So start preparing once you clear the aptitude.

My interview started with a brief introduction and I was asked to attach my CV along with all the mark sheets and ID proof. I am mentioning below the questions that were asked to me for the HR Round:


Questions asked in Interview: 

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • What is the situation of Covid in your hometown?
  • Why CTS?
  • Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
  • How many friends do you have in college?
  • Any problem relocating to a different city?
  • Asked 4-5 aptitude qs on trains, profit, and loss, average, missing numbers.


Questions asked in interview:

  • What is TCP/IP protocol?
  • How to add new rows and columns in a table.
  • Query to find the 2nd largest salary from a table.
  • Pure Virtual functions.
  • Tokens in C++.
  • Can a database table exist without a primary key?
  • What are aggregation and encapsulation?
  • Difference between C & C++.

The interview rounds were quite easy for me. Both the interviewers were very cordial and seemed to understand that I was nervous and so were very patient with me. All my nervousness faded when the results were finally announced in the mid of November, 2020.

Status – SELECTED for GenC Profile. 

Cognizant Interview Experience for Freshers 2021

The interview experience given above was for a GenC profile. If you want to know more about GenC Next rounds and details,
keep scrolling the page down and get all the information as you like.

Interview Pattern 2021


Cognizant has two different interview processes, based on the reputation of the college

Interview Process for Grade A colleges like – VIT, NITs, Manipal etc

  • Written Round
  • HR Interview Round

Interview Process for Grade B and C colleges most state colleges

  • Written Round
  • Technical Interview Round (Technical + Coding)
  • HR Interview Round

Note: If you’re applying for off Campus drive then doesn’t matter which Grade college yours is, Technical Interview Round will be there.

Interview Round Questions – Technical

The technical Interview Round is conducted only in Grade B colleges. For all the Grade A colleges, the company directly invites the students for the HR Interview Round. Check with your college regarding the updates of the placement process and follow the steps accordingly.

Some of the most important Technical Questions are listed below:

  • What are all decision control statements in C?
  • What is data abstraction?
  • What is a binary Tree?
  • What is Black box testing
  • What is waterFall model?
  • What is critical section problem?
  • What is a semaphore?
  • What is a Record in a database?
  • What are the different type of normalization?

You might also get some branch specific questions during your Technical Interviews. Check the subjects for your respective branches below:

For CS/IT :

  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • OOPS
  • DBMS
  • OS
  • Software Engineering
  • Project

For Non CS/IT :

  • C
  • OOPS
  • Branch specific basic questions
  • Project specific questions

Know More about Cognizant Technical Interview Questions:

Interview Round Questions – Coding

Coding questions are an obvious part of the Technical Round. Whether you are from CS / IT Branch or a non CS/ IT Branch, having a basic to medium level knowledge in coding is necessary to get placed in Cognizant.

To get yourself well versed with Coding Interview Questions, we recommend you to check out this page.

Know More about Cognizant Coding Interview Questions:

Cognizant Interview Questions – HR

The HR Section stands at the top most step on the ladder in the Cognizant Interview Experience 2021. No matter which type of drive you are participating in, the HR rounds decides your fate.

To get started with, here are some most important HR Questions that you should definitely prepare for your interview:

Know More about Cognizant HR Interview Questions:

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