Cognizant GenC Elevate Sample Coding Question 7

Question 7

In this article, we will discuss about Coding Question with their solution in  java and python. This is a simple mathematics based question in which you have to find the permutation of a given object.

Question 7

Question 7

Williamson is an analyst he needs to analyse a particular topic for performing analysis for that he needs to find a permutation of a given object.He don’t know how to find permutation so for simplifying his work he is hiring one software developer who can code for him and find a permutation and combination of a given object.

Consider you are giving an interview to williamson for working with him. Find a permutation of given input to proof that you are fit for his requirement.

Input Specification:
nCr where n and r are numbers given by Williamson to you
nCr is defined as n! / (r! x (n-r)!)

Here, n! denotes the factorial of a number. Also, you have to calculate this number as modulo
Input Specification:

  • input1: The number n.
  • Input2: The number r.
  • Input3: The number m,

Output specification:

  • The value of nCr%m.

Example 1:
Input1: 3
Input2: 2
Input3: 10000000009


n=3.r=2,m=100 So, n!=3!=6, r!=2!=2, (n-1)!= 1!=1.
So, nCr = (6/(2*1))%1000000009= 3.

Example 2:
input1: 5
input2: 2
input3: 1000000009

Output: 10

n=5,r=2, m=100 So, n!=5!=120, r!=2=2, (n-1)!= 3!=6.
So, nCr = (120/(2*6))%1000000009= 10.

import java.util.*;
public class Main
static int fact (int number)
int f = 1;
int j = 1;

while (j <= number)
f = f * j;
return f;

public static void main (String args[])
Scanner sc = new Scanner (;
int n = sc.nextInt ();
int r = sc.nextInt ();
long m = sc.nextLong ();
int result = fact (n) / (fact (r) * fact (n - r));
long finalresult = (long) result % m;
System.out.println ("" + result);
import math
#nCr= (n!)/((n-r)!)*(r!)