Capgemini Infra Vs Non Infra

What is the difference between Capgemini Infra and Non Infra

Capgemini hires for two roles for freshers, which are Infra and non-Infra On this page we will cover the differences and job roles for each role in detail – 

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Capgemini Infra Role

  • The Infra role is generally given to
    • Branches from ECE/EEE/EIE i.e. most circuit branches.
    • Average performers in test/interview of Capgemini from CS/IT

The role has different variations which are –

Role Type 1

  • Working with servers and networks for clients
  • Projects include – AWS, Azure, Cisco products, Network Administrator
  • People with CCNA/CCNP certifications are preferred
  • Hardware and Routing
  • Clients include –
  • Most major Internet Service Providers Like – AT&T, Hathway, CableOne, CenturyLink, Comcast etc
  • Most major VOIP/Communications companies Like – Verizon, Vodafone, Airtel, Jio, Cisco, Ericsson, Huawei etc

Role Type 2

  • Working with Data and Big Data
  • Projects on – Hadoop, Big Data, Data Science, Data Administrator
  • Clients include – Most Fortune 500 companies

Role Type 3

  • Working with Project management, the junior manager role
  • Working with Ticketing/Jira/Cloudbase etc
  • Organising regular meetings within the companies and with the clients
  • Ensuring projects are delivered on time, Project management, SDLC cycles etc
  • Team members are doing jobs in proper time frames
  • Clients – Most fortune 500 companies

Role Type 4

  • Pure Testing
  • Black box, White box testing
  • Clients – Most fortune 500 companies

Non-Infra Domain

  • This role is generally given to
    • Branches from CSE/IT
    • Above-average performers in test/interview of Capgemini from circuit branches

Role Type 1

  • Software Analyst
  • Working with technologies like – Java, Backend Java, .Net, Python, Web Development, SAP etc
  • Clients – Most fortune 500 companies

Sample Role Interviews

Infra – 

If I am not wrong you would be tagged into IMS (infrastructure management system) department so after my 3 months training I got a tool-based development project which was nowhere related to my training.

Few of my friends got a support project like windows/Linux administration, tool monitoring, reporting tools, AS400, L1 ticket administration etc

So basically if you are lucky enough to get some good support projects then it’s good to your career but if you have got any other projects like tool monitoring, routing tickets kind of work it’s hard to change the company going forward.