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  • Name: Samantha Ruth Shetty
  • Branch: CSE
  • College: SRM, Chennai
  • Type of Interview: On-Campus

Student Interview

Recently Capgemini India visited our campus for the on-campus recruitment drive. The eligibility criteria for this drive was :

  • minimum 60% in 10th, 12th, and graduation
  • no existing backlogs
  • The student should be a regular full-time student.

I fulfilled this criterion, so I was eligible to participate in the drive. The selection process had three rounds:

  1. Written Test
  2. Group Discussion
  3. Technical/HR Interview
  • Round 1- Written Test

Capgemini has been using CoCubes as the first round of the placements. Thus, I studied from CoCubes Capgemini Previous year papers that were available on PrepInsta. The pattern of the test was as follows:


     Number of Questions

          Sectional cut off   

            Time Allotted

           Difficulty Level

Quantitative Analysis



25 minutes


Logical Reasoning






Pseudo Code






Essay Writing






    1. Quants: This section included questions on Data Interpretation, speed, and distance, Algebra, equations, progression, profit and loss, ratio and percentage, averages, geometry, probability, etc.
    2. Logical reasoning: This section included questions on topics: visual reasoning, blood relations, flowcharts, statement, and conclusion, etc.
    3. Pseudo Code: This section contained 20 questions on C, C++, OOPS concepts, Data Structures & Algorithm.
    4. Essay writing: It had only one question on current affairs with the time limit of 10 minutes.

  1. NOTE: The sectional and overall cut-off for the Capgemini written test was 70 percentile. I cleared the cut-off and therefore, was eligible for the subsequent rounds.

    • Round 2-Group Discussion

    After the result of the written test, the students who cleared the test successfully, qualified for the Group discussion round. In this round, the students were divided into groups, and a topic was given to them.

    The topics were related to the happenings around you. My group got the topic “Is IT industry influencing our culture?”.

    In this round, the interviewer expected the students to give valid and relevant points. They checked for our confidence, impromptu knowledge, and ability to convince. We were also checked for our communication skills. Apparently, I was selected on the basis of my voice as mentioned by the recruiter.

    • Round 3- Technical/HR Interview

    This was the last round of the selection process. The interviewer asked me some technical questions on the project, I had done in my final year.

    He also asked me questions on the fundamental of C, C++, .net, Data Structure, computer networking, etc.

    **Some other questions involved **

    1. Explain SDLC?
    2. List the different storage class specifiers in C?
    3. What is the necessity & advantages of OOPS?

    4. Write the programming code to swap two numbers without using the third variable?
    5. What is networking?
    6. What was your role in your major project?

    Mainly, he was checking the details written on my resume. Later, he asked some personal questions like,

    1. What does your father do?
    2. What are your future plans?
    3. What are your greatest professional strengths?

    4. Tell us about an accomplishment you are most proud of

    5. Do you want to pursue higher education?

    The interviewer was testing my fundamental knowledge and communication skills. So, my confident answers helped me to clear this round as well.

    Later, he gave the feedback on my interview. When the results were announced, I learned that I was selected.