Capgemini Aptitude Test Pattern 2018

Aptitude Test Pattern for Capgemini

The pattern for Aptitude Test for Capgemini remains the same for On Campus and Off Campus placement test. You will find all the information about the Pattern below on this page.

Capgemini Aptitude Test Pattern 2018

Test Pattern for Aptitude Exam Capgemini 2018

The Aptitude Test has 16 questions and the time given is 50 mins for the test. But, these 50 mins have to be shared along with the logical reasoning questions which are also 16 in number.

Along with the Aptitude Test there are the following sections as well.

  • Written Test
    • Aptitude
    • Logical
    • WET i.e. Essay Writing
    • Pseudo Code
  • Group Discussion(Not in 2018, used to be in 2017)
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

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Aptitude Test Experience for Capgemini

  • Name: K.Rajan
  • College: K.C.G. College of Tchnology
  • Branch: Computer Science
  • Type of interview: Off-Campus Interview

Student Interview

I applied for the Capgemini Off-Campus drive from PMKVY Associated Drive. Through PMKVY I got my admit card for the Online Test Paper. I was preparing for this paper from past four months via PrepInsta. I also referred the previous year papers as well.

  1. CoCubes Written Round

The paper was divided into four sections, i.e., Quants, Logical Reasoning, Essay Writing and Capgemini Pseudo Code MCQ.

  • The Quants Section had questions related to Logarithm, Time, Speed and Work, Profit and Loss and Percentage. Maximum questions were same as that I studied on PrepInsta.
  • The Logical Reasoning had major questions related to Statement and Conclusion questions.
  • Essay Writing had just one question.I had to write an essay on Pros and Cons of Demonitization.
  • The Capgemini Pseudo code MCQ had major questions related to finding logical errors.

When the result, I found that I scored 86% on an average and got selected for the next round.

  1. Group Discussion

In this round, all the selected students were divided into a group of ten for the group discussion. Our topic was “Should Women work or not?” The discussion was of 15 minutes. In this round, the interviewers were checking the confidence and vocabulary of the candidates.

When the results were announced, I got to know that I qualified for the final round which was to be held at the Capgemini campus, Bangalore. I got the confirmation Interview call letter and the list of documents that I needed to carry along for the personal interviews: technical and HR interview.

  1. Technical Round

In this round, they tested my domain knowledge. They asked me many SQL queries, basics of OOPS. They asked me to write the logic for Fibonacci series and to print a particular pattern.

After the technical round, all the candidates were asked to wait for the results. I got selected for the HR round.

  1. HR Interview

As I entered the cabin, the HR was going through my Technical round results. Then, he asked me for my resume. While going through my resume, he asked me to introduce myself, then the interview began

  • What do you know about Capgemini?
  • Why do you want to join Capgemini?
  • Is this your first interview?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Will you be able to move to another city if we hire you?
  • Where do you see yourself in next three years?
  • What was your favorite subject in engineering?

The interview went like for 40-45 minutes. Then the HR said we would inform you about the selection through an email. I was quite satisfied with the interview and was hoping for the best.

After one week, I received a confirmation letter that I was selected at Capgemini. The joining letter came after six months along with the job location at Mumbai as Junior Software Developer.

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