Accenture Coding Question 9

Coding Question 9 You are given a function, Int MaxExponents (int a , int b); You have to find and return the number between ‘a’ and ‘b’ ( range inclusive on both ends) which has the maximum exponent of 2. The algorithm to find the number with maximum exponent of 2 between the given range […]

Accenture Coding Question 5

Coding Question 5 Implement the following functions.  achar*MoveHyphen(char str[],int n); The function accepts a string “str” of length ‘n’, that contains alphabets and hyphens (-). Implement the function to move all hyphens(.) in the string to the front of the given string. NOTE:- Return null if str is null. Example :- Input: str.Move-Hyphens-to-Front Output: -MoveHyphenstoFront […]

Sysvine technology Interview Process – Software Engineer Trainee

I was interviewed at Sysvine technology located in velacherry. section 1: aptitude: number of questions:15 duration: 20 mins The thing is atleast 12 out of 15 questions has to be correct so that you will be qualified for the next round technical and hr interview. section 2: Face to face technical interview: questions asked: about […]

Java Program for reversing an array

Reverse of an array Here we will learn about how we can reverse the array. For reversing the array we just need to apply a backward loop and we start storing from the last element of the array first into the first index of the second array. Reversing the array in java can be done […]

Addition of two numbers

AMCAT Vs CoCubes Vs eLitmus | Which one is better?

AMCAT vs CoCubes Vs eLitmus which is better? Comparison The following –  table below gives detailed comparison on AMCAT vs CoCubes vs eLitmus vs TCS iON CCQT Title AMCAT CoCubes eLitmus TCS iON CCQT Mode Online Online Offline Online Difficulty Medium Medium High Medium Cost Rs.1200 + GST Rs.1199 Rs.1003 Rs.1199 Score Validity 1 year […]

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