AMCAT Score Vs Percentile Chart

AMCAT Score Calculator

AMCAT Score vs Percentile(if percentile 100 then score 920/900)

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English Score(900)470495525580640680710
Quants Score(900)480580650695745780800
Logical Score(900)460495515535570600680
Computer Programming Score(900)350390435480520595645
Computer Science Score(900)380415440470500595680

AMCAT Score vs Correct Questions

If you take lesser time than designated for a question for e.g. if there are 16 question in quants and total time is 18 mins.

Thus, total time for one question = 67 seconds.

  • If for quants any question is solved 10 seconds before i.e 57 seconds you get +15 points.
  • Similarly, if it is solved after 77 seconds – 5 points.
English(18 Ques)5911131314151618 Ques
Quants(16 Ques)5810111214141516 Ques
Reasoning(14 Ques)25791112121314 Ques
Computer Programming(25 Ques)691115221222325 Ques
Computer Science(26 Ques)61015171920212325 Ques

For CSE – 

AMCAT CSE Percentile Chart<50<60<70<80<90<95>95
Computer Programming Score(800)350390435480520595645
Computer Science Score(800)380415440470500595680

For ECE –

AMCAT ECE Percentile Chart<50<60<70<80<90<95>95
Correct Questions7121517202122

From here starts know-hows:

1) http://talentsearch.amcatcom/ is where employers login to short list candidates.

2) If a company has to search candidates for “Software development Trainee” AMCAT gives them some recommended cut-off (Your sectional scores to be precise)

And this is the screenshot of a sample AMCAT score

Here’s the screenshot of what employer finds on his screen

Now, something really interesting about AMCAT’s recommendation whether the score is good, average or bad.

Categorization based on your score:
English ->455-520(average score), 520+(excellent score)
Logical ->455-520(average score), 510+(excellent score)
Quant ->445-520(average score) , 550+(excellent score)
Computer Programming -> 350 and above is average score

Again, Refer to the Employer login screenshot to understand about various color codes used (Light green, Green, Red).

Fields marked with:

1) Light green is average
2) Pure green is excellent
3) Red is worst

Company people selects whoever they think meets their Job profile and sends them an e-mail or SMS.

So, bottom line is Score are much more important than percentile.

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