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AMCAT Quantitative Aptitude Paper Models with Solutions

We have observed last 5 years’s AMCAT Quants Questions Syllabus with Answers for the AMCAT Aptitude Questions with Answers pdf are of moderate difficulty. Some untraditional topics are also there in Syllabus like Logarithms. With more than 3Lakhs students giving AMCAT Aptitude Paper each year the test is becoming very competitive. Thus, to be in 90+ percentile you must solve all of our Sample AMCAT Aptitude Questions with Solutions PDF Section. By solving our model AMCAT Aptitude Papers for Aspiring Minds Paper for Quantitative Aptitude Papers from our website you will get a lot of benefit in building concept for solving those questions in the AMCAT Quantitative Aptitude Questions exams. Below you will amcat aptitude questions and answers pdf.

AMCAT Quants section has 16 Questions and the time allotted is also 16 mins thus. Time management is the most crucial thing. Short cuts for solving the questions must be know if you’re aiming more than 90%ile. Previous years placement paper pattern has shown us that is is easier than other modules and questions can be solved quickly. 

AMCAT Score vs Percentile table will give you some perspective about preparation.

Check AMCAT Syllabus here. (Note: Questions from extra topics are also asked in AMCAT other than given on Aspiring Minds website.)



Here are AMCAT Previous Questions and AMCAT exam papers with solutions-

You can check detailed AMCAT Syllabus for all Sections here.

Model AMCAT Quantitative Aptitude Questions

AMCAT Quants Questions Practice on Basic Mathematics

  • Number of Questions:
    • LCM & HCF – 2 Questions
    • Divisibility – 2 Questions
    • Numbers, decimal fractions and power – 1 Questions
  • Difficulty Level: Low
  • Importance: Medium
  • Suggested time to solve: 45 sec

(This part is generally easy, only in rare cases some tough questions are asked in LCM & HCF section thus is highly scoreable but wrong answers means losing 5 percentile per questions in AMCAT Aptitude Questions)

AMCAT Quantitative Aptitude questions with solutions PDF

AMCAT Quants Questions Samples 

Model AMCAT Aptitude Questions on Applied Mathematics

  • Number of Questions:
    • Profit and Loss – 2 Ques
    • Simple and Compound Interest – 2 Ques
    • Time, Speed and Distance – 1 Ques
    • Inverse – 1 Ques
  • Difficulty Level: Medium
  • Importance: High
  • Suggested time to solve: 1 min

(Some questions might be clubbed from amcat aptitude questions with answers pdf section with other sections like some questions of speed, time distance with HCF and LCM based check one example of such question here similarly with other sections for AMCAT Aptitude Paper)

AMCAT quants questions with solutions

AMCAT Aptitude Paper Engineering Mathematics Models

  • Number of Questions:
    • Logarithms – 1 Ques
    • Permutation and Combinations – 1 Ques
    • Probability – 2 Ques
    • Percentage – 1 or 0 Que
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Importance: Medium
  • Suggested time to solve: 1 min

(AMCAT Questions Pattern in the permutation & combinations questions as seen in the previous year papers are the hardest part in AMCAT quantitative questions)

amcat aptitude questions with answers pdf

AMCAT Aptitude and Quants Questions Syllabus and Pattern

AMCAT Quants QuestionsDifficulty of Quantitative SectionNumber of QuestionsTopicsSpecial Feature
Basic MathematicsMedium6LCM and HCF, Divisibility etcLogic Based
Applied MathematicsMedium6Inverse, Speed time Distance etcFormula Based
Engineering MathematicsHigh5Log, P & C, Probability etcHigh thinking Logic
MiscLow1Time and WorkNone

You must also check AMCAT Score Vs Percentile Chart to help you prepare better for AMCAT Aptitude Questions with Answers pdf.

Also before starting, see PrepInsta AMCAT Time Table it will help you finish your course within time and prioritise topics accordingly with best course plan. It is advised to follow AMCAT Time Table religiously if you want to get 90+ Percentile in AMCAT

AMCAT Aptitude Syllabus and Focus Dividend

AMCAT Aptitude Questions with Solutions Syllabus

AMCAT Aptitude Questions with Answers PDFNo. of QuestionsDifficulty in 1 to 5Average Time to solve
LCM and HCF23.5/545 secs
Divisibility23/540 secs
Numbers, decimal fractions and power13/540 secs
Profit and Loss24/545 secs
Inverse13/540 secs
Time, Speed and Distance13.5/51 min
Simple and Compound Interest24/51 min 30 secs
Logarithms13.5/545 secs
Permutation and Combinations14/51 min 20 secs
Probability23.5/545 secs

AMCAT Aptitude Questions with Answers pdf based FAQ’s

Ques. Are amcat aptitude questions and answers pdf section the most difficulty in test paper?

Ans. The logical reasoning section instead of amcat aptitude questions with answers PDF happens to be the most difficult section in the question paper.

Ques. Are AMCAT Questions Adaptive in nature there in the exam?

Ans. AMCAT Questions are adaptive, means questions will be adaptive, if you solve a easy questions then next question will be difficulty and if you solve correct again then even more difficult question but if you solve wrongly then easy question will be there, they want to check your consistency.

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