AMCAT Exam Experience

  • Mahim Khan
  • Working in – JIO

I wrote AMCAT in September 2017 and I am a 2018 batch computer science Engineering student.

Regarding AMCAT difficulty level, one can easily score 90+ percentile in all sections if prepared smartly. Websites like Mygeekmonkey and PrepInsta helps a lot. Would definitely recommend going ahead with Paid Materials.

Now I am writing this answer in January 2018 when still companies are recruiting for 2017 batch. So I am sharing my experience where 2018 batch full-fledged recruitment has not yet started.

Until now I have got plenty of Interview invites from companies. The companies were from IT services, Product based and Sales domain where service and sales based companies were in a majority. Packages ranges from 1.2 lpa (yes 1.2 !!) to 10 lpa (It was from a startup on AI).

You can have a look on the images I have attached.

So people generally say that Amcat is a waste but in my opinion it can provide you a decent job if you score good. Companies like Mindtree, Accenture, Reliance Jio, Virtusa have recently recruited 2017 batch from Amcat and I hope the same companies would recruit 2018 batch in latter part of 2018.

So anyone from 2018 batch, its the right time to write Amcat and if you have not scored good in your first attempt then you can give it again after 3 months.

Working in Jio now.

AMCAT Exam Experience by Students
  • Harshit
  • Working in – Cognizant

The Paper is not that easy, one can crack it with good percentile if they prepare for 2 months though. I will strongly recommend using Arun Sharma book and PrepInsta to prepare for the exam, unless you can’t get a good percentile.


  1. Number system .. questions are likely to convert decimal to hexadecimal etc….
  2. Logarithm
  3. Surds and indices
  4. Profit and loss
  5. Probability
  6. Permutations


  1. Number series
  2. Coding and decoding
  3. Direction sense
  4. Blood Relations
  5. Puzzle problem based on races …etc (easy one)


  1. Questions from reading comprehension
  2. Error detection
  3. Synonyms and antonyms
  4. Fill in the blanks etc

Domain specific – Depends on your branch specialisation. you can choose accordingly.

Optional – You can either choose computer science , computer programming , food science , automata…lots of options are there

  1. Automata is online GCc compiler where you have to write code in either c, c++or in java, if code pass all test cases specified by compiler then only it should considered correct else not
  2. Computer programming .. you got basics of c, c++ , java , Data structures, DBMS.
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