Features of C

About C  :

Here, In this page we will discuss about features of C. C language is procedural, general-purpose programming language. It gained popularity for creating microcomputers, and minicomputers and has become one of the most widely used programming languages. 

Feature of c

Features of C Programming :

The C Programming comprises many features some of which are given below  :

  • Procedural Language
  • Simple, Fast and Efficient
  • Portability
  • Function Rich Library
  • Dynamic Memory Management
  • Pointers
  • Recursion

C Features :

Let’s discuss some features of c one by one :

  • Procedural Language : In a procedural language like C, predetermined instructions are followed step by step.A C program may include several functions to carry out a certain purpose. People who are new to programming may believe that this is the only way a specific programming language functions.In the field of programming, there are other paradigms.An object-oriented programming language makes up the majority of the widely used paradigms. 
  • Simple, Fast and Efficient : The C programming language, which is a middle-level language, gives programmers access to direct hardware manipulation; higher-level languages do not.
    C language is regarded as the best choice to begin studying programming languages because of this.It is fast because languages with static typing are quicker than those with dynamic typing. 
  • Function Rich Library : C includes vast number of libraries which makes writing of program very easy.
  • Dynamic Memory Management : C allow to manage and utilize the size of data structure during execution of program. There are function like  malloc(), calloc(), and realloc() to perform operations on data structure and memory allocations.
  • Pointers : In C, you may interact with memory directly by using pointers.Pointers interact directly with the memory region they are named for by pointing to it. You can work with memory, arrays, functions, and structures using the C pointers. 
  • Recursion : Recursion is a feature that the C language provide. Recursion is the ability to build a function that, like loops, may call itself repeatedly until a certain condition is met.Reusable code and backtracking are features offered by recursion in C programming. 

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