C Program to add Complex Numbers

Program for adding two Complex Numbers

In this section, we will learn how to write a C program for adding two complex numbers in simple steps. Complex numbers are described as numbers which contain real as well as imaginary parts. Imaginary parts are identified by ‘ i ‘ symbol which is written along.

C program to add complex numbers

Adding Complex Numbers

Complex Number is defined as a combination of a real number and imaginary number. A complex number can be described as

     A = x + yi

Here, x = real part
           y = imaginary part

For representing a complex number using C program, a structure needs to be defined for representing both the real and imaginary parts.

C Program to add complex numbers:

typedef struct complexNumber {
	int real;
	int img;
} complex;
complex add(complex x, complex y);
int main()

	complex a, b, sum;
        a.real = 3;
	a.img = 4;

	b.real = 5;
	b.img = 2;

	printf("\n a = %d + %di", a.real, a.img);
	printf("\n b = %d + %di", b.real, b.img);

	sum = add(a, b);
	printf("\n sum = %d + %di", sum.real, sum.img);
	return 0;

complex add(complex x, complex y)
	complex add;
	add.real = x.real + y.real;
	add.img = x.img + y.img;
	return (add);


a = 3 + 4i
b = 5 + 2i
sum = 8 + 6i


The above given C program works by defining a structure for storing a complex number. A complex add function is defined to add two complex numbers and then output the resulting complex number using the same structure.

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