Accenture Interview Experience (Off Campus) 2

Round 1: Online aptitude test. This mainly consist of numerical ability, reasoning and English. This is an average test which you can easily qualify if you have good basic concepts. The main topics are Number system, time and work, profit and loss, percentage. There were also some easy questions based on bar graph and pie charts.

Round 2: The technical round and HR round are combined. Five candidates are called together for the interview. The interview is mainly based on your communication skills. They very rarely asks about technical stuffs. If it is asked, then only from the skills what you have mentioned in your resume.

Some questions asked to me are as follows:

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2.  Tell me about your projects.
  3. Why you wanna join accenture?
  4. Why should I hire you?

All these questions are most often asked in accenture. In very rare cases, they may ask very basic technical questions like whats difference between c and c++, oops concepts ,explain abstraction with real life example etc.

Note: Keep your answers short and precise as they take group interview, so your answers should be short and to the point satisfying the interviewer. Just prepare well by practicing these questions, be fluent in english  and don’t panic at any cost.



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