Wipro Placement Papers with Solutions

For Wipro written test paper, study from our latest Wipro test pattern 2018 for any on Campus or Off Campus wipro placement papers 2018 and the level of difficulty as seen in previous year papers is considered to be moderate. But, the time given to solve Wipro Online Test Questions and Answers for Freshers is very less. So it is suggested to practice from Wipro Previous Papers and for some answers you will be get a good idea on how to solve Wipro Questions with solutions quickly and some questions will even be same in the exam. So rather than solving any Wipro Sample Papers you should directly study from Wipro previous year placement papers. And give Wipro Mock Test Papers and Wipro Test Papers to improve your speed. Find all Wipro Questions and Answers for Freshers 2017 and 2018 below along with Wipro Placement Papers with Answers PDF.

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Wipro Questions and Answers for Fresher

Wipro AMCAT Papers with Answers

Wipro conducts its Written round using both AMCAT and CoCubes.

  • For Wipro Turbo (Paying – 6 LPA) – CoCubes is used.
    • Visit Wipro Turbo Dashboard to Study for Wipro Turbo here.
  • For Wipro (Paying – Around 3.3 LPA) they use AMCAT

So with this information you can decide if you want to study for AMCAT or CoCubes in Wipro Written Test Questions and Answers for Freshers.

Wipro AMCAT Question Papers with Solutions

*To Study Wipro Turbo, Visit our Wipro Turbo Dashboards.

Wipro Paid Papers with Solutions

Wipro Questions Free Section –

Wipro Question Papers with Answers

Wipro Questions on Coding with Solutions

Here you will find previous year Wipro Questions asked in Wipro Placement Papers with Solutions for Automata section.

Wipro Papers Essay Writing Section and Topics

Find Wipro Previous year Papers and answers in the Essay Writing section for Wipro.

Wipro SYLLABUS and Paper Pattern Analysis Wipro Placement Papers 2018

Here you will find the Latest Wipro Test Pattern 2018 for Wipro Technologies and Wipro Placement Papers 2018 for Wipro Questions and Answers for Freshers 2018 – 

Latest Wipro Placement Paper Test Pattern 2018

Wipro Question Papers SectionsNumber of QuestionsTime Alotted(mins)Sectional Cut off (Questions)
Wipro Verbal reasoning221816
Wipro Questions Logical reasoning161613
Wipro Quants Questions182011
Coding test2451 Correct Output or 2 partial Outputs
Written English test120Grammatical Correction and Spellings

Find the latest syllabus for Wipro here on this page.

Cut off Percentile for Wipro Test Questions and Answers for Freshers

Here is the Cutoff percentile as observed from cocubes previous year question paper.

  • For Verbal reasoning  – 16 Correct Ques
  • For Reasoning – 13 Correct Ques
  • For Quants – 12  Correct Ques
  • For Coding – 1 Correct Output or 2 partial Outputs

Wipro Last Year Placement Papers Solved based Pattern

Wipro Placement Papers SectionCut off PercentileQuestions Solved by 60th PercentileNegative Marking
Wipro Verbal60%16No
Wipro Aptitude60%13No
Wipro Reasoning60%12No
Wipro Coding50%1 Complete OutputNo
Written English Test70%Less than 5 mistakesNo

Wipro Previous Questions and Papers based FAQ’s

Ques. Which company conducts the first Round for Wipro Technologies?

Ans. Wipro Technologies Paper is held by AMCAT – Aspiring Minds.

Ques. Wipro placement questions and answers for freshers 2018 is same as that for Wipro Turbo?

Ans. Wipro Turbo uses Cocubes however Wipro Previous Questions and Answers for Freshers 2018 is using AMCAT thus for general wipro you must be preparing from AMCAT which is on this page for Wipro Questions.

Ques. I am studying via AMCAT for Wipro Written Test Questions and Answers for Freshers will it be sufficient?

Ans. From our Wipro Dashboard you should be studying from Wipro specific Questions we guess that will be sufficient for Wipro Written or Online Test Questions and Answers for Freshers.

Ques. When does Wipro Conduct its Off Campus Drive how should I prepare for it will Wipro Previous Year Placement Papers be enough?

Ans. Every 3 – 4 months Wipro conducts its Off Campus Drive and also they recruit via your AMCAT scores, yes studying from our Wipro Previous Year Placement Papers should be sufficient.

Ques. Are the content on your website aligned with the Latest Wipro Test Pattern 2018 or not?

Ans. Yes, we have all the Latest Wipro Test Pattern 2018 questions which will be repeated in your exams as well.

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