Terms and Conditions

Please have a look on the following terms and conditions before registering, accessing, browsing, downloading or using the PrepInsta website available on PrepInsta.com. For any doubts and queries, the terms and conditions of the website shall be applied to all the services and information offered.


By registering, browsing, accessing or making use of the PrepInsta website to gain information, a user gets bound by the single-sign-on ID terms and conditions. The T&C shall also include the modified or additional terms and conditions related to the user ID or any other specific-information related terms and conditions from the website. A user will not be able to browse the PrepInsta platform, if there is no acceptance of the terms and conditions or do not make a wish to get bound by the same. By accepting or agreeing to the T&C will comprise of a legal document. The services of the PrepInsta shall be used by the user subjects to the adherence with the T&Cs. Until the user accepts and complies with these T&Cs, Website requests the user with personnel, non-transferable, non-exclusive and revocable right to step in and use the PrepInsta platform.


The PrepInsta does not give access to the person who is under the age of 18 or previously suspended from the website to access the platform. On accepting the T&Cs or using the information from PrepInsta, a user represents the age of 18 and above. Moreover, the user warrants the right, authority and capacity to sign the agreement and to stomach all the T&Cs as a part of the agreement. In the case of violation of T&Cs PrepInsta carries the right to permanently suspend that person from availing the information or using the website.

Other terms and Conditions

  • The content of the website is for general information regarding the vacancies and placements. It is not subjected to change without notice.
  • There are cookies used by the website to scan the browsing preferences.
  • No guarantee or warranty has provided by the website regarding the accuracy, completeness, and suitability of the information.
  • The risk for usage of the information or material from the website will be of the user, and the website owners are not liable for that. It shall be the responsibility of the user to ensure that the information available on the website can meet the specific needs.
  • The content published on the website is licensed to the owners. Reproduction of the content by any external source is strictly prohibited other than the copyright issue, which comes under the Terms and conditions.
  • Usage of the website in an unauthorized way may produce the claim for damages or is a criminal offense.
  • Other websites are linked time-to-time and theses linked websites are offered for the convenience of the user for further information. It does not mean that the publishers recommend a user to use any other website instead. There is no responsibility of the website if the information is gathered from some externally linked website.
  • In the usage of the content of the website, if any dispute arises, then it is subjected to the laws of India.