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TCS Programming Language Efficiency Questions

TCS Computer Science and Programming Papers with Answers
TCS CSE Questions with Answers and Syllabus TCS Technical MCQ Questions

TCS Computer Science Papers – C Language Part 2

TCS Technical Questions with Solutions
  1. Eesha was in a wonderland where she saw a treasure trove of seven items of various items (in lakhs) and weights (in kgs) as per the table given below.

Value – Weight

12                4

10              6

8               5

11             7

14            3

5             10

5               12

She wanted to bring back maximum value of items but she was not able to carry more than 10 kgs.  Using dynamic programing, what is the maximum value of of the items that she could carry back with her.

Answer: 26

2. In c language, if a function return type is not explicitly defined then it defaults to what data type?

Answer: Int

3. Which of the following syntax is correct for command -line arguments?

a. int main (char *argv[], int argc)

b. none of the three options

c. int main ()


int argv, char *argc[];


d. int main(int var, char *varg[])

Answer: int main (int var,char *varg[])

TCS Computer Science Sections based Syllabus and Written Paper Pattern

Number Of Questions – 10 Questions

Time – 10 mins

TCS Technical MCQ Questions with AnswersNo. of TCS Technical QuestionsDifficulty of TCS MCQ C QuestionsImportance in TCS MCQ Technical Questions
Input Output3 – 4MediumHigh
Command Line Basics1 – 2MediumMedium
DSA3 – 4HighMedium
OOPS basic Concepts2MediumMedium

TCS Technical Questions based FACTS and FAQ’s

Ques. What is the level of difficulty for TCS Programming Language Efficiency Questions in test?

Ans. The level of difficulty lies between medium and hard for TCS Programming Language Efficiency Questions thus you must prepare well for tcs technical mcq questions.

Ques. How many tcs technical questions can I expect in my TCS Technical Section from here?

Ans. About 30-50% of the questions asked in tcs technical questions should match from our website as we have seen from past papers trends, thus we will suggest going through all the questions once from our dashboard to study tcs technical mcq questions.

How to solve TCS C Programming MCQ Questions

c mcq for tcs

TCS MCQ C Questions are mostly repeated again and again in the exam for TCS thus TCS C MCQ Questions can be solved by preparing from our TCS C MCQ Questions Dashboard and you should also study from basic C and Data structure theory from a good book for tcs c programming mcq questions.

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