1. How many times loop will executed ?
int main()
int x,y;
a) 11
b) 13
c) 15
d) 10

2. Which of the following indicate the end of file ?
a) feof()
b) EOF
c) Both feof() and EOF
d) None of the mentioned

3. If a functions return type is not explicitly defined then it is default to ……….(in C).
a) int
b) float
c) void
d) error

4. Where the local variable is stored ?
a) Disk
b) Stack
c) Heap
d) Register

5. How many times loop will executed ?
int main()
int i;

a) 0
b) 1
c) 3
d) 5

6. What is dangling pointer?
a) points to garbage value 
b) points to function
c) Both A and B
d) None of these

7. what is the purpose of ftell ?
a)to get the current file position
b)to get the current file attribute
c)to get the current file status
d)to get the current file name

8. What is recursion ?
a) looping
b) a function calls another function repeatedly
c) a fnction calls repeatedly
d) function calls itself repeatedly

9. What is the similarity between enum and struct ?
a) can assign new values
b) can create new data types
c) nothing in common
d) they are same

10. which of the following is not a fundamental datatype?
a) Enum
b) unsigned long int
c) Long int
d) double

11. How many times hello will print ?
int main(void)
int i;

a) Compilation error
b) Runtime error
c) 4
d) 1