Mail to your final year project guide explaining the delay in the project submission.

submission date-foreign edition books-Schedule-10th June-laptop crash-delay in printing – overall status-9 days-approve the extension-shortage of money .

Respected Sir,I am writing to request for extending the submission date of my project as it will be delayed due to couple of reasons. Firstly, I need to refer few foreign edition books but ,they will be available only after fifteen days in our library and as per the schedule, I have to submit my project on 10th June. Moreover, recently my laptop crashed and it will take some time to recover the lost data so there will be further delay in printing.As per the overall status, I need 9 days more to complete the project. I sincerely request you to approve the extension.Due to shortage of money, I am unable to buy new books, so I have to wait for the library copies to complete my work.Yours sincerely,ABC

Solution 2

Dear sir,
I am sorry to say that We are unable to submit our final project on the submission date. We referred foreign edition books to complete our project.The last submission date is schedule on 10th June. There is some problem due to laptop crash ,resulting delay in printing.Because the overall status related to project is on the laptop.So, we request you to kindly give us 9 days to approve the extension and we have also some shortage of money.
Your sincerly,