You are the project leader for a team and plan to take your team out for a movie. Using the following phrases, write an email with a minimum of 70 words and a maximum of 100 words to your team members informing the same.

at your residence , decided based on the poll result , on friday , team building activity , forum mall , dinner at Hotel Chevron , will drop , answer the poll immediately , confirm your participation , company cab

Dear All,

I am glad to inform you that as a result of successful completion of our team project, I am planning a team outing. Kindly fill in this online poll regarding your suggestions. The movie will be decided based on the poll result . This outing is planned on Friday and I am sure it will be a great team building activity organized at forum mall . The movie show will be followed by dinner at Hotel Chevron and then the company vehicle will drop you. Please answer the poll immediately to confirm your participation and also tick for the option of company cab , if you need this facility.


Project Leader