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TCS Placement Papers email Writing

This section will teach you all about how to Write email in TCS. The examples tips and rules for the exam in TCS email Writing Questions with Answers.

TCS Online email Writing Problems

TCS Email Topics and Online email Writing Test

TCS Email Writing Round Questions


TCS email Writing Format Tips, Tricks Shortcuts and tcs email writing Rules

Number of Words

  • Minimum – 50 Words
  • Maximum – 100 Words

Considering the tcs email writing rules according to me an ideal  email in TCS Placement Papers email Writing Section must be small and should not contain unnecessary information that should deviate from direct call to action for the email thus ideally you should write the email covering up most of the phrases that they will provide to you that is important and write and email in about 80 – 85 words in tcs email writing rules.

email writing in TCS Example

For example, they give you the following email with these phrases this was asked in TCS Placement Papers email Writing – 

Write to the HR of “ABC Limited” for problems you are facing in doing internship from there.

Intership from ABC Limited – project manager – unavailable – holiday leave 1 month – no industry exposures – mentor unavailable – access right – manufacturing area – not given – suggest solution HR.

email Writing for TCS Topics Tips

In email Writing for TCS a 80 word email is enough. What they will award points or deduct points on are the following –

  • Spellings
  • Punctuations
  • Grammar
  • Paragraphisation(Divide in 2 Para)
  • Using heavy words that are considered to be proficient in English will not award extra points
  • Thus it is advisable to write in normal English with good grammar and spelling and punctuation in TCS email Topics.

If you still need some idea go through this video below to understand more about business email writing for TCS EMAIL WRITING ONLINE TEST –

TCS email Writing Questions with Answers

Tips to crack the E-mail writing round

These will be really helpful for so go through these TCS Email Writing Tips –

  1. Usage of words
  2. Don’t make spelling mistakes. Be sure about the words you are using. Better avoid using words for which you do not know the meaning.
  3. Avoid typing errors.
  4. Use simple sentences rather than compound and complex sentences.
  5. Proper word order is very important to convey the intended meaning.
  6. Don’t skip any of the given words/phrases.
  7. Use formal salutations.
  8. Avoid use of “Dear” and if you are not clear about the gender of the   name given avoid using title. You may use “Dear Sir/Ma’am”.
  9. Keep your E-mail crisp and to the point.
  10. Proper signing the E-mail is essential in TCS email Writing Questions with Answers

Sign the name with the name provided in the question, do not use your own name. In case it is not mentioned then only use your own name with proper designation. Always write “Regards”, “Thanks”, “Warm Regards” before signing it.  

TCS email Writing Facts and Probabilities

TCS email Writing TopicsProbability of askingDifficulty Level  
email to Colleague in TCS40%High
Client email Writing in TCS20%Medium
email writing for TCS to Govt. Org20%Medium

TCS email Writing 2017 based FAQ’s

Ques. Practicing what will make by TCS Online email Writing Test better?

Ans. For TCS Online email Writing Test you should prepare from our website and try not to do spelling mistakes and punctuation and salutation error. Also, try not to use heavy words.

Ques. What is the email writing format for email writing in TCS?

Ans. email writing format for tcs is writing email with the given phrases and make complete sentences with them to write professional email with good punctuation and salutation and digital signature in TCS Placement Papers email Writing.

Ques. Is there any way How to Write email in TCS and score 100% marks in this section?

Ans. This is a common questionsHow to Write email in TCS. It is only pass or fail section in TCS. If you have a lot of mistakes in email then you dont clear the next round else if you have written it perfectly maybe with 2/3 errors at max you will clear this round.

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