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Do you want to study for MindTree Placement Papers since they recruit via AMCAT MindTree Previous Questions with Solutions studying from our MindTree Specific AMCAT Questions asked in MindTree Previous Papers from past papers and Syllabus for AMCAT will be the most helpful way, find out more about MindTree Syllabus in PDF Download and Test Pattern for Written test papers, AMCAT Questions for MindTree Mock Test Papers and Sample Papers with model Question Paper, MindTree Written Test Papers.

MindTree Conducts its First Round while hiring for freshers and outsources the paper to AMCAT, you should only study from here for MindTree Questions.

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MindTree preparation and study materials questions
Name of ExamMindTree
Mode ConductedWritten / Online

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Here are MindTree Previous Questions and MindTree exam papers with solutions-

Mindtree Placement Papers and Questions on Quants

Study from our Mindtree Questions with Solutions

  • Max Score – 800
  • Questions – 25 Ques
  • Time – 35 mins

Mindtree Previous Papers on Computer Programming

  • Max Score – 800
  • Questions – 25 Ques
  • Time – 35 mins

This section is not asked currently

AMCAT Mindtree Placement Papers :Coding Questions 

AMCAT Automata Section for AMCAT Programming Questions are below. For AMCAT Automata Questions the pattern has been constant since the last few years. Below you will find pattern for AMCAT Coding Questions –

  • Number of Questions – 2 Questions
  • Difficulty Level – 1 Easy + 1 Medium
  • Cut-off – Solve 1 question completely or 2 partial outputs
  • Total Time- 45 mins

MindTree Sample Papers – Essay Writing Section

This is only asked in a few colleges or drives and not generally asked also. But you may check the essay writing section if you want.

Visit MindTree Essay Dashboard here

MindTree Syllabus and Paper Pattern Analysis

Quants Score(800)480500550575615640685
MindTree Previous Papers English Score(800)470495525540560620670
MindTree Placement Papers Percentile<5050-6060-7070-8080-9090-9595+
Logical Score(800)460495515535570600680
Computer Science Score(800)380415440470500535580
Computer Programming Score(800)350390435480520565595

Before anything we highly recommend you to go through detailed statistics for MindTree Process.

Mindtree Placement Papers 2018 Based Facts

MindTree Placement SectionNumber of QuestionsSectional TimeDifficultyCut off
MindTree Verbal Ability25 Questions25 MinsMedium20 Questions
MindTree Logical Ability24 Questions35 MinsHard18 Questions
MindTree Quantitative Ability25 Questions35 MinsMedium19 Questions
MindTree Coding Ability245 MinsHard2 Partial Output of 1 Full Output

MindTree Placement Papers based FAQ’s

amcat questions for mindtree based FAQ’s

Ques. Does AMCAT Conduct the MindTree Paper for this year?

Ans. Yes, AMCAT is conducting the MindTree Paper this year, on our website you can study for AMCAT MindTree Questions and AMCAT MindTree Placement Papers with Solutions, Amcat questions for mindtree.

Ques. What is the level of difficulty for MindTree Written Test Papers?

Ans. For MindTree Written Test Papers the level of difficulty is Medium but the time creates problems as very less people are able to solve the sections in time.

Ques. I have heard that amcat aptitude questions for mindtree section is the hardest of all the sections asked in the exam?

Ans. No, its a common misinterpretation that amcat aptitude questions for mindtree is hard rather Logical Reasoning is the most troublesome for students.

Ques. I have heard that Mindtree previous Questions section is the most difficult section in the exam?

Ans. No mindtree placement questions is not the most difficult section rather logical reasoning is.

MindTree Student Experience

Name: Parimala

Branch: CSE

College: Government College of Engineering, Bargur, Tami Nadu

Type of Interview: On-Campus

Student Interview

This placement season, Mindtree visited our college for on-campus placements. As per the company eligibility criteria, only students with 65 and above percentage in 10th, 12th, and undergraduate were shortlisted for the interview process. Fortunately, I fulfilled the eligibility criteria, and so was able to attend the interview process. Primarily, the interview process consisted of following three rounds.

  1. Written Test
  2. Technical Interview
  3. HR Interview

Round 1- Written Test

Aspiring Minds conducted the online written test for Mindtree. In this round, candidates had to answer a total of 76 questions in the timeframe of 140 minutes. These 76 questions were categorized into the following section:

  • Quantitative Ability

Under this test, 25 mathematics questions were asked, which were based on algebra, percentage, number system, profit and loss, time, work, and distance, arithmetic, and probability were asked. The time limit for this section was 35 minutes.

  • English

This sections consisted 25 simple English questions related to synonyms, antonyms, sentence correction, and completion.

  • Logical Ability

This section of the written test had 24 questions on coding and decoding, seating arrangements, blood relations, and puzzles.

  • Coding Test

In this section, two coding questions were given for which I had to write code either in C or JAVA. As I had a good command over JAVA, I chose to code in the same. The two coding questions asked in this test were:

  1. Find whether the array is palindrome or not
  2. Input 5 numbers in an array and find the Pythagorean triplets in them and print it.

Since the test was online, the scores were revealed immediately after test completion. Fortunately, I cleared all the cut-offs and was shortlisted for the technical interview round. PrepInsta was a great help to me while I was preparing for this written test.

Round 2-Technical Interview

Soon after the completion of the written test, technical interviews started.

Interviewer: Tell me about yourself.

Me: Gave a brief introduction about my family, school, college, and hobbies.

Interviewer: You like photography? Which is the most recent picture that you clicked?

Me: Yes, sir. I shot a picture of a child playing in the rain.

Interviewer: That’s wonderful. Tell me something about your major project and what was your role in it.

Me: I explained the functioning and utility of the project and briefly described my role.

Interviewer: Very Well! What is normalization? Why is it important?
Me: I explained normalization, and it’s importance. Also, I mentioned where I used normalization in my project.

Interviewer: Good. Do you know what is a Binary Tree ?

Me: Yes. Then I explained binary tree.

Interviewer: Can you write a program for Fibonacci series using recursive function?

Me: Yes Sir. I wrote the program.

Interviewer: I am done from my side do you have any questions?

Me: I asked him some questions related to the office environment, work culture, etc.

Interviewer politely answered all my questions, and then I greeted him and left the cabin. An hour later results of the technical interview were announced, and luckily, I was shortlisted for the HR interview.

Round 3-HR Interview

Me: Good afternoon sir.
Interviewer: Good afternoon Parimala have a seat.
Me: Hello sir, how are you?
Interviewer: I’m fine how are you?
Me: I’m fine sir.
Interviewer: Did you have your lunch?
Me: Yes, sir.

Interviewer: Tell me about your family.

Me: I narrated my family background.

Interviewer: What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Me: I told him about the same.

Interviewer: Why do you want to work with Mindtree.

Me: I explained my reasons for choosing Mindtree.

Interviewer: Alright.

Then the interviewer explained the details of the bond, and discussed salary details, job location, timings, etc. I agreed with everything.

Two days after the interview, result got declared, and I was selected. It was the moment of immense happiness and pride for me.

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