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MeritTrac is a Bangalore based IT company that provides placement related services and Merittrac test papers solutions to BIG MNC’s like CTS i.e. Cognizant, Accenture, IBM, Infosys and UGH many others. MeritTrac Syllabus and Paper Pattern. MeritTrac Placement Papers for CTS is used widely by Cognizant. MeritTrac Mock Test, MeritTrac Online Test Free, MeritTrac Papers for Infosys, MeritTrac Accenture Placement Papers, Metric track Placement Papers, merittrac placement papers for Sony and CA Technologies.

In 2016 HSBC invested in MeritTrac and also started use MeritTrac for HSBC Placement Papers and on campus test papers and previous papers.

You can also find MeritTrac interview questions once you’re done with online-offline written exam.

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Here are MeritTrac Paper and questions-

MeritTrac Pattern for TCS, Coginizant, Accenture

MeritTrack Placement Papers with answers

Merittrac exam paper and pattern over the years is relatively moderate to high in difficulty level and is divided into three sections.

MeritTrac Syllabus

merit track previous papers verbal

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MeritTrac Quants Questions


Merit Track Quants Previous Questions

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MeritTrac Verbal English Questions


merit track logical questions

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MeritTrac Logical Reasoning Questions


MeritTrac test Preparation and how to use Exam Study Material?

Merittrac Preparation materials with answers and exam based analysis and test tips –


While Cognizant placement paper pattern Analysis for Merittrac suggests that Quants is the hardest section and has more number of question in quants that 16 questions.

Accenture’s MeritTrac questions for Aptitude however were the easiest in 2017.

Quants(16 Ques)5781113
English(25 Ques)1014161921
Logical(14 Ques)49101112

Tips for getting higher marks in MeritTrac Exam:-

  • Preparation must be done section-wise. Instead of scoring very high marks in one section and scoring less than cut off marks in other. It is advisable to prepare equally for each module and score more than cut off marks for each section in MeritTrac.
  • Study material on our website is very focused and curated by experts. Sample papers and model question papers pdfs are the best ways for preparation for such exams.
  • There is no negative marking in MeritTrac thus, if you’re not able to solve all questions atleast answer them randomly.
  • MeritTrac placement papers and materials are good resource to study but it is always noticed that some additional topics are asked and these topics keep changing every now and then. Thus, it is advisable to also study from good books like Rs Agarwal or Arun Sharma.
  • Giving Merittrac model test papers and getting to know your preparedness is very important.

Merittrac Test Papers based FAQ’s?

Q.What companies use MeritTrac as placement first round test paper?

Ans. These are the companies that use MeritTrac for recruitment from on campus in college.

IT Mass Companies 

  • Cognizant
  • Infosys
  • Accenture
  • CA Technologies

Other Companies

  • Tesco
  • HSBC
  • Ernest and Young
  • Sony – uses MeritTrac this year

Q. Where can I find MeritTrac Papers for Infosys exam and Placement Questions?

Ans. Infosys also conducts the first round of campus placement papers through Infosys MeritTrac Papers and Questions and you can study by preparation material for MeritTrack itself here.

Q. Is there negative marking in the paper?

Ans. No, there is no negative marking for assessment paper. However for accenture paper in 2017 if Quants paper was solved within 10 minutes. The person gets additional 3 minutes to solve a bonus question which is for 3 more marks instead.

Q. Is merittrac online test autoproctored?

Ans. No the computer based test isn’t auto-proctored i.e. unlike HirePro and  exams it doesn’t record the video and audio.

Q. How would you rate the difficulty for Merittrac test papers and are the previous years questions repeated in exams?

Ans. The average difficulty is moderate the model test papers on our website are questions asked in the placement paper the question paper is definitely repeated and as much as 70% of the questions in previous 10 years have remained the same.

Q. How can I contact Merittrac people?

Ans. You can visit MeritTrac website for more information.

Q. How would rate the difficulty of merittrac placement papers for siemens?

A. Siemens difficulty is same as the usual merittrac which is rated moderate in difficulty level in 2017.

Q. Which one is better Merittrac Vs AMCAT Vs eLitmus?

Ans. In terms of number of jobs offered AMCAT is better than the rest two. However, eLitmus has better job packages specially more jobs opening for Core Companies. However, Meritrac doesn’t have off campus recruitments thus if your company is visiting campus and you’re hoping to study for it then you must study selectively for MeritTrac.

Q. Where can I find MeritTrac Sample Papers?

A. You can find previous year MeritTrac Questions and Sample Papers for the test on our website which will help you to score better in the MeritTrac online test questions.

Q. Merittrac Placement Papers for Sony will this dashboard be useful for the same?

Ans. Yes Sony uses MeritTrac Papers for placement process.

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