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Capgemini course pattern has remained constant for many years. Prepinsta provides the best Capgemini Preparation Materials and Capgemini preparation Course material. Prepinsta will help you to know how to clear the capgemini Exam and how to prepare for capgemini  written test paper.

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How to clear Capgemini Exam with Latest Syllabus

Capgemini Preparation Course Paid material

We have Different type of preparation course material for capgemini that will help the student to clear the exam.

Capgemini Online Classes

Capgemini Practice Materials Section(Free Section)

How to Prepare Capgemini Exam

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Capgemini Quants Preparation Course Material

Capgemini Quants Course Details and topics.

Time Allotted – 25 mins
Questions – 16

You can also choose to join the online live classes.

How to Clear Capgemini Exam

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Capgemini Logical Reasoning Preparation Course Details

Time – 25 mins
Number of Questions – 16

How to Crack and Get Succees in Capgemini exam

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Capgemini course material Pseudo Code

Time Allotted – 20 mins
Questions – 20

How Clear and Prepare Capgemini Exam

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Capgemini Preparation Essay writing study  Material

Time Duration  Writing – 30 mins
Number of Essay – 1
Difficulty- Hard

Prepare for Capgemini preparation paper with latest syllabus pattern

Topics in CapgeminiNo. of QuestionsTime AllocatedDifficulty of QuestionsNo. Of Star Marked QuestionsPercentile neded to Clear the test
Quants1625Medium5Approx 76-77%
Logical1625Medium-High4Approx 76-77%
Pseudo Code2020High4Approx 70-71%
Essay Writing130Medium5Approx 70-71%

Tips and Tricks on Capgemini Placement Test

Capgemini Test Related FAQ's

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes , Capgemini uses CoCubes for their first round of the placement process which is the Capgemini Written Round. We have for you all the preparation materials for Cocubes.

Yes , Capgemini has an Essay Writing Section. See our Essay Writing Dashboard above.

All the sections are average in Capgemini test , but reasoning and Psuedo Code are a little tougher ones.

It totally depends on your pace of grasping things but 10-12 days are enough for preparing.

The Capgemini test pattern has changed recently.

The Test has 4 sections –

  • Quantitative Section
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Essay Writing
  • Pseudo Coding Test

Candidate have to get minimum 70 percentile to clear the Exam.Prepinsta will help you to clear the Capgemini Written Test.